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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all! Rust here. I have decided to sell all of my Thompson stuff and take up the accordion and bonsai. I'm kidding... I am, however, offering for sale an original Colt 1921 actuator. I bought this as a parts kit (actuator, buffer tubes, and buffers) twenty years ago on eBay. I subsequently sold off the buffer tube and accoutrements, and dropped the actuator in my (gasp) West Hurley. I decided last year that this piece of history was simply too valuable to potentially break inside a West Hurley. When I discovered that inside every 1928 actuator there is a 1921 actuator just trying to get out, I had PK mill down a 28 for my gun. So I put this original away. But I figure there has to be a Colt enthusiast out there that could use it. I can assure it is original. However. I do not know if it has been refinished. Nevertheless, it is in very good shape with characteristic rub marks and dings. $850.00. Prefer PayPal Friends or money order. I pay shipping USPS. I will hold funds for the prospective buyer to inspect it. If you decided it's not as presented, I will refund minus shipping back to me. Thanks for looking and give her a good home! Rust As purchased off eBay
  2. See New Updated Post. This post is done. Hi All, I am looking to buy some Tommy Gun Parts for a Colt 1921 Tribute Tommy Gun that I am making. See list below: 1. Lyman Sight 2. Cutts Compensator Front Sight and Pin 3. Slide Stock Assembly - Prefer Savage or NOS 4. Colt Nickel Oiler - Original Dull Nickel Finish Only for 1921 Thompson - NO WWII Brass Oilers 5. Thompson Spare Parts Kit - Prefer Original, but will consider Gordon Herigstad Reproduction 6. FBI Hard Case - No Reproductions / Prefer Authentic Or Close To Authentic 7. 1921 Colt Thompson Wood (Original Only / No Reproductions - All three pieces Pistol, Front Grip, and Butt Stock If the item has a strike through it indicates I no longer need it. If anyone has these parts, please PM and let me know what you have so we can discuss price. I am open as I really want to get these parts collected so I can get the gun made. I know the market is drying up and I have been searching everywhere. I am in no rush, but I am trying to get as far as I can. I will only pay by Credit Card. Please if you are going to send me a pm, please respond back if not then do not bother. I am only interested in parts in the list ONLY. Thank you in advance.
  3. I was looking around for parts for my Tribute Gun and well I came across this Colt 1921 Lower and I bought it. It is number 9283. It does have a little part missing, but it is repairable. I think it was the find of the year. Now if I just find the rest of it. What do you guys think about it?
  4. Hello all: I have a friend who is buying a M16a1 according to him what bothers me is the photos. I thought a M16a1 was a fixed carry handle early M16 variant this one has a removeable carry handle upper which I think is wrong 2. ALso, the serial is a 6 digit one .Seems very early 3. the receiver is marked AR-15 and M16a1 and its a little faded where a lot of lettering is gone 4. serial is 788,000 serial number which is pretty early anything you can give me input on this is appreciated serial is blotted out for privacy thanks Haris
  5. With David's permission, I am listing this Colt Thompson butt stock for sale. Wood is dark with original finish and has visible anchor. However, the number on the butt plate does not match the number stamped into the butt of the stock. Finally, the stock has been stamped "SPD 50" on the left side. I believe this stock has been discussed on the board before; please see the link below. Price is $2,800. PM me with questions. Thanks for looking. http://www.machinegu...l=&fromsearch=1
  6. Hey ya'll, Been trying to find some parts for a Colt M231 Port-Firing Weapon and have been having a hell of a time, so I thought I would put the word out here as well. I've specifically been looking for the end cap assembly for an M231 Buffer tube. I already have the tube, but I need the end-cap that threads into the end of it with the recoil spring guide still attached. I'm also trying to find the retainer plate that holds in the selector spring. I know there's a few reproductions floating around out there. Let me know if you happen to have one of these parts or know someone who might have them. Thanks!
  7. For sale original WW2 Thompson web gear and a Colt era item. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Machinegun Boards. All prices include shipping within the US. Early Khaki Thompson Cover (case) without provision for magazine. One female snap portion is missing. Zipper works full length, Manufacturer is TEXTILE ( Canada mfg. ) shipped. Sold Pending Funds - relisted due to non payment Same early Thompson cover CASE 002 currently offered on Tommy Gun Collectables at listed price of $375. My case came from Tommy Gun Collectables Inventory. L Drum Pouches 1. US marked Avery 1942 with shoulder strap $125 $100 Sold & Shipped WW2Collector39-45 2. US Marked Boyle with shoulder strap Sold Pending Funds relisted due to non payment 3. US Marked GB MFG CO with shoulder strap (has a Y drawn on lower front) $80 Sold 4. RM Co 1942 (Plain not US marked) with 1 Khaki strap $140 $112 Sold & Shipped Ron_Brock 5. US marked belt only pouch, no strap provision, no manufacturer Sold Pending Funds relisted due to non payment 6. Colt era belt only pouch, no manufacturer, fair condition some tears $40 $32 Sold & Shipped Ron_Brock https://imgur.com/a/08YMTN4 Ammunition Bags 1. US marked HstCo 42 $70 $56 Sold & Shipped cbmott 2. US marked JQMD 1942, hard to find maker (condition poor with holes) $30 Pulled from ad and no longer offered 3. US marked GB MFG CO (several holes, bottom and near strap) $45 Pulled from ad and no longer offered 4. US marked M-D MFG CO -42- $60 $48 Sold & Shipped Paul in PA 5.Case 45 CAL SUB M.G. CLIP (Like new M3 SMG bag) $60 $48 Sold Got Uzi Funds received 1-8-2020 Five Cell Magazine Belt Pouches 1. US Marked American Leather Products 1942 marked inside belt loop $40 shipped Sold on another forum 2. US Marked Hoosier T & CG CO 1942 marked inside $50 $40 Sold & Shipped WW2Collector39-45 Shipped 3. US marked, no manufacturer inside belt flap $25 shipped Sold on another forum 4. Pulled from ad 5. Plain unmarked pouch, Russian Lend Lease belt pouch. Pulled from ad and no longer offered I accept payment by US Postal Service money order, check or cash at your risk. Sorry I do not accept PayPal. Payment needs to clear before shipping. Items are for sale in the USA only. If you want to be first for an item please post in the thread. Claiming an item in the thread will be ahead of a private message inquiry. Please send a private message so we may exchange information. Cross posted so timestamp will determine who is first in claiming an item. Thanks for looking. Ross P.S. cbmott, I will give you the Black Friday 20% off price by refunding the difference to you when I ship the HstCo bag.
  8. No reserve and already at $30,000 with 5 days to go. Rare for sure but it looks like a remanufacture with the PAWS engraving on the receiver and not a C&R. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/833841887
  9. Looking for either 2-piece or solid actuator in good condition.F
  10. Hopefully one of the members here snagged this one. It looks like SN 54 or 54X from what I can tell. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/790460300
  11. Have No Knowledge of this Seller Nor The Gun But Thought it may be of Interest to the group. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/782838709 Suggestion to All Members- when doing a link to a Auction:gunbroker etc. , that link will expire 90 days or so after the auction. For purposes of posterity, i loaded the pictures into imageshack, a hosting service. Then i pasted the links in Forum Code into this thread. Then the pictures are big compared to a picture from your desktop and they will remain in this thread for posterity. If you want to know how to do that, send me a PM. Took me a big 5 minutes! Looks all original but percentage of finish is disappointing Lower is discolored and both show lots of wear. I wonder what it would appraise at??
  12. Hello All, I was fortunate to acquire Serial 12020 which spent its entire Life in Georgia, mostly with a police department. Has a One Piece Actuator, which TD says is Correct.
  13. Just picked up a New COLT 1921AC Thompson a week ago. The previous owner was a very active NFA collector and former dealer. He was originally out of Winconsin. He picked this one up in 1974. Was first owned by the Kohler PD in Wisconsin. Came with a very nice NY NY Drum, Rusco Pouch, and Patent Date Mags. The gun was in the time out box for about six months. Somehow it did get stamped incorrectly, the handwritten date on the stamp itself was correct, April 2018, but the rubber hand stamp at the bottom was May 2018. According to that, its still in the future! Will post more photos later, but here's a few to enjoy. Thanks Joe, great gun. Cheers Sandman1957
  14. Hi everyone, after a 20-year quest, at least I found my Colt model ! Matching numbers # 11848, de-mil at new European specifications, The gun is welded close, but as you can see the receiver is not cut bold is moving, Seymour WWII drum magazine. Let me know if you want specific details or photos
  15. I would like to give a tip of the cap to one of our great members, Sandman1957, for paying great service to the colt thompson. Not many current videos demonstrate the difference between the rates of fire of the 1921 and 1928. Did a brief history, overview and some shooting. I am proud to own a few of these bad boys now and honored to be his friend. Enjoy! Beat Army, Beau PS - Sandman has three more videos coming out on some more cool things in his collection.
  16. Greetings, My name is Michael Phelps and I am new to the forum. I have a project in the works. I want to recreating a 1921 Colt Thompson for use in my WWII reenactments. I have an order placed with Philadelphia Ordnance for one of their high-quality Colt receivers. I am considering using serial No. 12087 (My birthday). I also want the gun to be marked with "U.S. Navy" 1928 Overstamp. I have been reading "American Thunder: The Military Thompson Submachine Guns" by Frank Iannamico." i found a copy at my local antique bookstore and have not been able to put it down. I understand these were issued commercially and to law enforcement. Would it have been possible for a Navy Overstamp to make it's way from a Marine outfit in the Pacific to the ETO? Were Navy Oversterstamps marked liked 1928's (1928A) (1928AC) (with/without compensator). Does anyone have any high quality photos of such a gun? I want to show my local gunsmith and demonstrate the proper rebuild marks I wan him to engrave. Are there any other markings besides "JHB" I should know about for a gun with this number? What about the Thompson bullet logo? I understand there are two types of Auto-Ordnance logos for early/late 1921's. What about square versus rounded actuator slots? My late serial number should be rounded right? Thanks!
  17. All, I have put together a photographic comparison of some of the subtle differences between the original Colt vertical grips and the WWII Savage vertical grips. This should help members distinguish between the two in photographs or help in determining a real grip from a reproduction. Savage grip on left, Colt grip on right. Savage grip on left, Colt grip on right. Grip mount channels. Savage "S" mark in grip mount channel. Savage grip slightly longer than Colt grip. Colt grip. Savage grip. Colt grip. Savage grip. Colt grip. Savage grip. Colt grip. Savage grip. Savage left, Colt right. Savage grip. Colt grip. Savage grip. Colt grip. Savage left, Colt right. Savage grip. Colt grip. Hope this helps the new collectors as well as the older ones.
  18. Not sure where to post this, if there is a better place let me know... First of all, I am sure I am not using the best terms on this rifle. I now have to pick up the books on the M16. Feel free to educate me on the correct model etc. Picked up a nice orginal "CAR-15", at least that's what they were called then by the guys who carried them. This is not property marked and was intended for overseas / foreign sales. I picked it up from David Spiwak who said it belonged to a Colt Factory worker who was liquidating his long time collection. The gun looks and fires great. However, I do not want to fire the original upper too much so I am assembling a 2d upper to use as my "shooter" upper. For this I am using an original M16A1 upper reciever, and the rest is non-Vietnam era parts. The barrel is 11.5 inches and I am looking for a non-NFA moderator to put on it. Have a lead on one, just waiting for more info from the seller. In the interim, I put on an original three prong flash hider, as a place holder. I actually like the way it looks and how short and light the set up is. If you have any pointers or recommend anyone for the moderator or gas ring (M203) let me know. This is the type of gun that the gents who trained me carried. Working on getting some Vietnam era photos. Enjoy Sandman1957
  19. Hello all, I am he who is called Skriletz. I'm a long time user of this forum, but this is my first time posting. I'm not sure if this is the proper category to post this thread in, so if it's not please feel free to take it down, or place it where it needs to go if possible. These pictures represent my modest collection of Depression-Era firearms. I placed these in a photobucket album. Here is the link: http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/HistoricalReenactment/library/Depression-Era%20Firearms?sort=3&page=1 The first item is a Colt 1903 Hammerless Pocket Pistol. Serial number reads 263676, dating this gun to 1917. Though I doubt this one was used by L.E., she's a beautiful pistol, and she holds a special place in my heart (first pistol I purchased). It's chambered for .32 auto so it holds eight rounds. By some twist of fate that must have been divine intervention, my old man was at a gun show and found two extra magazines for it. Seller didn't know what they were for, so Pop got 'em for a steal. The second item is a Colt Police Positive Revolver bearing the serial number 82748. I tracked the date on this one to 1916 (hey, 100 years old!). Regrettably, it's chambered for .38 S&W, which is a pretty difficult round to find. Oh well. As I understand it, these revolvers were the first pistols the FBI ordered in bulk (before they were even called the FBI). However, those were chambered for .38 Special. Still a great piece, and I'm proud to have it in my collection. The last one was found at an antique show by my brother. It's a 1.5" Tear Gas Gun manufactured by Federal Laboratories. Not quite sure when this one's from. Serial Number reads 1864. Seems like an early number, but with something this specialized, maybe not. I am currently discussing the matter with Mr. Albert of this forum to try and pin down a date on it. Even if it is post-1930s, I'm glad to have it, and it looks great with the rest of my accoutrements. Finally, and not pictured, because I don't think it was necessary to do so, I have a reproduction FBI hard case for the Thompson Submachine Gun. It's the IMA version (linked below). It seems to me to be a fairly accurate reproduction, at least for the price I paid. Inside, I keep three XX clips (all stamped Auto-Ordinance), a stock (in the process of affixing original hardware), a pistol grip, and two boxes of pre-war .45 ammo. I'm halfway there to owning my own Thompson! Ha ha. http://www.ima-usa.com/u-s-thompson-smg-fbi-carry-case.html Anyway, that's me. I'm glad to be here. I've learned so much already simply by reading others' posts. I can't imagine what I'll know after actually speaking to fellow members. Thank you.
  20. This is the set of revolvers and presentation box I did for my 15th wedding anniversary this year. The guns are both Uberti 1873 Cattlemans. Mine is a 45 Long colt hers is a 22 Long Rifle. (I have to keep the upper hand...) but they are virtually identical. I made the grips out of Red Quilt Maple and had the custom Monograms laser engraved. The presentation box is one of the funnest carpentry projects I've ever undertaken. Within the box there is American Walnut, Black Figured Walnut, Cherry, Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple, Red Quilt Maple And Red accented White Maple Burl. I tried to keep "15" as a theme for the project. Took 15 days to complete, 15 rounds in each block, presented on the 15th even though our anniversary is on May 18th.... She knew nothing about it. I presented it to her by having a friend secretly set them up his gun show booth and I walked her up on it and was like "hey that's pretty cool". She saw her name on the attached note and instantly started tearing up. Pretty good to be able to want to give her a gun after 15 years. Although we've been asked if this is how disputes will be handled from now on. Anyway, on to the pics. I'll start with the Grips and move on to the box. As I bought them... Rough Blanks Final Blanks/Finishing Laser Engraving / Final Fitting Box Plans and Materials Shell Build / Finishing Interior As presented at the Gun show (no pics from the show....not allowed.... ) Final Pics Thanks for lookin'
  21. Not the best Marx Brothers movie but Groucho's choice of instrument is superb... Check out the video around 1:01:40 Enjoy
  22. Took some photo's tonight of 3148 in the FBI Case. Added a new "extra". The shot shell mag. Enjoy Sandman1957
  23. Wanted to share a pic of my Colts, excuse my sorry photography. I'm trying to learn. Top one has a neat history, owned by known mobsters in East St. Louis then went to the St. Louis PD. If only it could talk! The bottom one was a Montana Prison gun. They ain't much but I'm proud of them. Both have cut down 28 actuators and Savage bolts in them for shooting, don't want any miles on the Colt Parts.
  24. Hi, I'm new to the board and looking for some direction. My Girlfriends late Husband was a collector of fire arms. He obtained a number of class 3 weapons including a colt 614 rifle. She has done the necessary forms required to place the weapon in her name and wants to market it. I have little to no knowledge of its value and research is scattered at best. The gun appears in good condition. Looks like he changed the upper out to something a bit shorter as well as the stock to an M4 style? I did find the original diamond shaped handguard and barrel assembled in a box as well as the original stock. I'm looking for ideas regarding buyers and value; I understand it's all subjective to condition but I need to start somewhere. The receiver is stamped: model 614 Thanks for any input you guys may have. Dale
  25. Hi group. I am new to Colt Thompson's though I have covetted a Thompson since I went to my eighth grade Washington D.C. trip and saw an FBI agent demonstrate one; unfortunately, being from NJ, i never thought I could own one and always were told they were very expensive. Having moved to Virginia in 2002 (I wish i knew they were only 5k back then), I didn't pursue it. Anyway, I have a savage barrel, (had a 2nd gen cutts compensator on it) marked "S" and wanted to make sure that the barrel that I am comparing it to is a Colt barrel. The "colt" barrel has a mark to line up on the top receiver and has not other markings; i didn't know if my "colt" barrel has rounded enough edges or if the fins were the correct thickness (i read these got smaller as the serial numbers go up?). Were the "lines" only on Colt barrels and receivers? Thanks and correct me if I have made any mistakes.
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