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  1. Gents, Just stumbled onto this very sad news. A close friend and confidant of Sandy Jones, another great researcher and website owner has passed on. (If this has already been posted I missed it.) He was the author and caretaker of the site "FADED GLORY: DUSTY ROADS Of AN FBI ERA http://historicalgmen.squarespace.com/ This is on his website which is still up and being maintained by his family. Quoted for information only from his Website: "Larry Wack passed away on January 14, 2019, after a long battle with cancer. This website will be kept online for the foreseeable future by his surviving family in memory of all of the research and dedication that he put into preserving the FBI history. There are no alterations/additions planned at this time. He moved from Orchard Park, NY to Danville, KY 3 years ago. Website owner/editor, retired FBI Special Agent Larry Wack, spent over 30 years in the FBI. During the years of 1968 to 1972 he worked in Director J. E. Hoover's FBI in Washington, D.C. as a support employee while attending college at night. A majority of those years were spent in the Civil Rights Section of the General Investigative Division. After Director Hoover died in May, 1972, Mr. Wack continued working at FBI Headquarters until 1975. In 1975, being a graduate of American University in Washington, D. C., he became a Special Agent of the FBI. After graduating the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the NYC Office's bombing investigations squad, later becoming a member of the Bureau's original Terrorist Task Force. During that time he was intimately involved in the Bureau's major terrorism cases of the era. After only a few years out of the Academy, he was the recipient of the Attorney General's Award For Excellence In Law Enforcement. In 1990, he was transferred to the Buffalo, N.Y. Office. There he assisted with the original set-up and became the Coordinator of the Fugitive/Gang Task Force, in addition to having his own caseload. He retired from the FBI in 2003. Until recently, he spent a lot of time with hobbies of fly fishing and his 1966 Chevy "muscle car. '“ Going to Cruise Nites" and re-visiting those wonderful days of music by Buddy Holly and others of that era. Comments and opinions of the site owner do not necessarily reflect those of other current /former or retired Special Agents nor other law enforcement entities. The site editor/owner is not a spokesman for the FBI or any related Societies." Rest in peace Larry, you will be greatly missed. Give Sandy our regards!! Till Valhalla, Sandman1957
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