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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, For several years I've been enjoying Merle's 22 conversions in the Thompson. I've had great success with the M1 and 1928 models. They would run all day long with failures being few and far between. Unfortunately, both of my kits with both of my Thompsons have stopped running. I've cleaned, switched ammo, changed recoil springs, changed lube, changed magazines, and still have the same type of jam. The jam - The round is stripped from the magazine and the nose of the bullet strikes the rear face of the barrel @ 2:00. The nose of the bullet is 1/2 inside the chamber and 1/2 outside the chamber. The jam happens several times/magazine. It has taken much of the fun out of the kits. Temporary relief (a magazine or so) from the problem can be gotten by removing and re-oiling the bolt. After a mag or two the jam is back. If anyone has seen this type of jam or can think of where to look, I would certainly appreciate some help. I'd bother Merle but I think the man deserves some rest at some point in his life. Sincerely, Grasshopper
  2. Hi All, Any thoughts? Before I bother Merle, I'd like to throw this one out there to see if anyone has had a similar problem. I've been running one of Merle's 22 kits for about 8 years now. In the past it has run great. Now it runs non-stop. Really. Non-stop. 1 pull of the trigger can mean anything from 1 round to 20 rounds. Never a miss-feed. I've checked and the cocking handle is not getting back far enough to get the bolt back onto the sear. (Put my finger on the side with the cocking slot and moved forward until it just touched when running.) I've gone through and cleaned everything from muzzle to guide rod and it has the same issue. I've even used same lot ammo as before and it just runs away. I've clipped the recoil spring 1 loop at a time until it would not fire and it still ran away. I've change recoil springs. Extractor is not rubbing. Ejector is clear of everything. No 45 ejector is in the gun. W/O the recoil spring bolt motion is a smooth as glass. There are a few things I've noticed. The firing pin strike, while evident, doesn't crush the rim of the case. The rear of the case has a dent but the rim outer edge radius is intact. Could the hammer/firing pin be worn? Also the cases are getting a bit scratched on the outside. I did run some "mature" Federal Bulk Pack with a bit of white fuzz on the bullet. Could this have scratched the chamber preventing the case from sliding thus reducing the push on the bolt? Also it seems the cyclic increased a bit. The gun would run on any ammo from standard velocity on up. Now it runs away on Fed Bulk and higher power 40gr ammo. I've got video of the gun from years back and the cocking knob was going back quite a bit more than now when running. Sounds like friction someplace but I'm at a loss. As mentioned, this kit has been a crowd pleaser for years. It has well North of 30k rounds through it. I've pulled back the cocking knob and dropped the bolt w/o pulling the trigger and the bolt doesn't skip over the sear. The bolt is not getting back to the sear. TIA, Grasshopper
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