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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Found some pre-may dealer sample SBR's in the inventory. I imagine that would make them foreign manufactured firearms imported in a SBR configuration between 68 and 86. It is obvious that they can be transferred to other FFL holders of SOT status. My question is can the short barrel be removed from the Pre-may sample and the remaining firearm be sold as a non-NFA firearm (w/o the barrel)? Thanks, Grasshopper
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 1927A1 from Kahr arms Im looking to sell. The gun is about a year old and has had just about every modification possible done by Dan. Im selling it in hopes of moving into a full auto. Heres a list of modifications - Bolt hold open - GI pivot plate - 1/2 grip mount installed - authentic Lyman installed and riveted - Dan Block furniture, horizontal and vert grip - 10.5 green mountain barrel installed - GI mag modification - Easy take down milling -1928 style engravings - surplus oil bottle in stock - detachable stock milled Probably more that Im forgetting. The gun is on a form one, so itd have to form 4 to you. Id include a few GI stick mags (1 20, 2 30rnd) 1 50rnd drum, a cleaning rod, sling, horizontal and vertical grips, Kahr hard case, and 1K rnds of .45 ACP 230Gr brass. Open to reasonable offers, and I understand I probably wont get what I have into this gun. Im flexible. Just send me a message.
  3. Well.. got a little bored and we decided to try and make a case for my thompson SBR. Heres how its going so far! Ill keep this thread updated as a friend and myself build the case. But Im in love with it so far. Give me some feed back on what you guys think
  4. I've had a TM1 Thompson Carbine by Khar since 2016 and I only recently sent in a Form 1 to SBR it. The Form 1 is approved, but I still haven't gotten a barrel for it yet or figured out who I want to help with the barrel swap. I just had a quick question as to what barrels are compatible with it or which ones would be the best for an accurate Thompson M1A1 reproduction? I also thought I heard that Khar changed the threads on their barrels so that they will not work with USGI barrels. Is there a difference between a barrel for a semi-auto Thompson vs. a full-auto Thompson? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. This isn't technically Thompson related, so feel free to move this to another forum as needed. I just hope that other people might find it helpful. I recently moved from one city to another within the same county of the same state, and I took my 1927A1 SBR (and .45 suppressor) with me. Prior to moving, I found conflicting information online regarding what kind of permission/notification is required by/to the ATF for an *intrastate* address change, ranging from doing nothing at all, to submitting form 5320.20 prior to moving, to submitting this form after the items have already been moved. I opted to go the safest route and submit the form prior to moving the items; however, I did not know the preferred/recommended amount of time in advance to do so. On Sunday, March 17th, I filled out form 5320.20 stating that the "dates in transit" will be March 24th-25th. I then printed, signed, scanned, and emailed the form to the ATF. Today, March 25th, I received a secure email back from the ATF with the signed/approved form, dated March 24th. So it would seem that as little as one week is an acceptable amount of time in advance to submit the form and still get it approved, though I suspect they would prefer more time than that. Part of the problem is that form 5320.20 is entitled "Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain NFA Firearms", yet they want you to use this form for permanent *intrastate* address changes too. Heaven forbid they create a new form just for that purpose and reduce the confusion.
  6. After starting the Form 1 process back in late February, I've finally got myself an SBR! I think I need a smaller case now... Big thanks to the man, the myth, the legend Mr. Dan Block for the barrel swap, EZ pull spring kit, and mag catch mod. The work was not only completed much quicker than anticipated, but under budget as well. I've also got a custom wood set coming, so stay tuned. I'd eventually like to do a FA lower with select fire switch bolt hold-open and removable buttstock, but I need to hunt down all the required parts...possibly a future topic if I can't find all the info in past threads.
  7. Hello Gents, I'm new to the board but have owned this A/O W/H 1927A1 since 1989. I really enjoy shooting it but have always hated the long barrel on it that makes it look like a two handled crow bar. So I'm going SBR on this old friend (just got my stamp for it after 7 months). I see some of you have done this already and your guns look great, so maybe you can help me out. Are the barrel threads the same on my A/O West Hurley barrel as the barrels from IMA and Thompson Barrels? In other words; can I buy on of these barrels, take it to a proper gunsmith and have them swapped? In addition, my cutts compensator looks like it is either pressed or screwed on; there is no pin. I see that I can buy a barrel with or without threads at the sight end of the barrel. Can any body wise me up on the barrel end I need to attach my cutts gimmick. While I have your attention, I'm looking for recommendations of gunsmiths that know Thompsons and can do this work for me. I have read post on this site on barrel removal and I think I'll stick with a pro. Cheers! T from D
  8. I found out about dan block on the internet searching google finding about SBRing my new aluminum receiver Khar (under Auto Ordinance Marquis) pistol into an SBR. This is what the pistol started life as, minus the Lyman rear sight for the M1 sight. False advertising from Khar if you ask me. In Washington state legislature for 2015, they made it so you can have an SBR, but the wording in the bill was interpreted by the ATF to not be able to use FORM 1 for register. Finding out that Dan Block was SOT/FLL I started talking to him what I wanted done and him telling me what he would have done before. I told him I wanted the gun able to be suppressed we talked it over and deciding getting a longer barrel cut down from a 16 inch would make the gun with the fatter fins of the 16 inch barrel look weird so we went with the original barrel and he added a lathe turned barrel extension and tapped it for my requested .578x28 threads. I have KAC suppressor for my Mark 23 pistol and that uses European threading 16x1mmRH and he said he was used to American standard thread pitches. I thought this was a good idea because then I could get a Silencerco Osprey .45 suppressor and booster.After the barrel work was complete he showed me my old grip from the pistol wouldn't fit the Numrich removable stock aluminum lower. I also wanted a foregrip like the 1921. He originally put a coat of Linseed oil on the stock set to look like this. After that he added a second coat to look like this.I liked the look of his wood on his TSMG 1921 and he put on casey's true oil.I thought it made the wood look alive.At the same time he added a drum bolt hold open feature where the fun switch was on the Numrich lower. It made it also have "the look" instead of just a hole. (even though he could have probably covered it up). I also had him modify the magazine catch on the gun to accept surplus mags as it isn't the same and every surplus mag would have to be modified to fit the gun, I asked him to do it the other way around and he obliged to modify the catch. I was pleased with him and annoyed at the design of the Numrich/Khar lower. The original khar pistol grip did not fit well from the factory and there was a gap on the back of the grip where the grip and the receiver should have met. He fixed this with his new grip.I found on Doug Richardson's blog, this rivet mounted rear sight scope mount and since I was getting a suppressor; I thought, why not a rear scope mount for a red dot and it would be a bonus for when my eyes get old. This isn't a collectors piece so I am not worried about good modifications. I asked him to try to sight in and shoot the gun and see if using the red dot was good and he used his red dot he got at Cabellas to try it out. He said it was very much useable and that he would also put another mount and his red dot on one of his personal projects. All these pictures (minus the khar one on the top) were from Dan Block along the way.His attitude and communication were top notch and I couldn't dream of finding a better person to talk to about getting Thompson work done. I cant wait to do the Form 4 when I get back to Washington at my local SOT/FFL.If you want him to do work for you his email is: danblock@q.comHis FFL info is:Dan A. Block307 S 12th StreetNorthwood, IA 50459Phone: 64one-32four-282five(His wife might answer the phone) Happy b-day deerslayer.
  9. For those knowledgeable about NFA Trusts, I have a question for you. I just created my NFA trust using a law firm in TN. I have transferred a SBR semi Thompson into the trust. It was previously built and registered on a form 1 in 2003, but recently transferred into the trust on a form 4. My lawyer felt that I should re-engrave the barrel with the trust name. However, that doesn't make sense to me, since I am not making a new firearm, but am only transferring one into the trust. Do you think that this question needs to be pursued further, by contacting the BATFE? Thanks
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