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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! Rust here. I have decided to sell all of my Thompson stuff and take up the accordion and bonsai. I'm kidding... I am, however, offering for sale an original Colt 1921 actuator. I bought this as a parts kit (actuator, buffer tubes, and buffers) twenty years ago on eBay. I subsequently sold off the buffer tube and accoutrements, and dropped the actuator in my (gasp) West Hurley. I decided last year that this piece of history was simply too valuable to potentially break inside a West Hurley. When I discovered that inside every 1928 actuator there is a 1921 actuator just trying to get out, I had PK mill down a 28 for my gun. So I put this original away. But I figure there has to be a Colt enthusiast out there that could use it. I can assure it is original. However. I do not know if it has been refinished. Nevertheless, it is in very good shape with characteristic rub marks and dings. $850.00. Prefer PayPal Friends or money order. I pay shipping USPS. I will hold funds for the prospective buyer to inspect it. If you decided it's not as presented, I will refund minus shipping back to me. Thanks for looking and give her a good home! Rust As purchased off eBay
  2. With David's permission, I am listing the following items for sale. C-Drum with Original Finish, Correct Nickel Rotor, & Listed in Gordon's Book (Mismatched): Cover #2316, Body: #3187. NEW Price: $6500 1921 Actuator SOLD 1928 Colt 2 Piece Actuator with Hammer slot. SOLD PM me with questions. Colt C drum
  3. Hello All: Sorting Through And Finally Listing Some Items Prices Include Shipping. If you buy more than one item, I will refund any excess shipping when item ships I will Post My Unsold Items AT the Top Here and Be Clear Where The Unsold Items Ends Blued Colt Ejector Now Available Again As One Member Never Paid-$100 shipped ALL CASE Prices Reduced Again!! LONG Cases 5,6 and 7 Now Only $250 Shipped Cases Withdrawn-moved to GB only cases 5,6,7 available- case 3 is sold /URL] Very Cool Case #3 -FBI Repro From 70s-Old Hardware, Covering New Hardware-Looks Authentic Same Board Member Said These Go Around $900-950 On This Forum - Now Only $400 Shipped-Reduced to $300 [/url] FBI Long Case Added- 33 Inches Long -Reduced to 285 shipped will Fit a 1921 or 28 with stock attached but no compensator or your semi auto 16 in barrel with buttstock detached They are Numbered 5, 6 and 7 as I have 3 Identical ones- Each Comes With A key Very Cool Case #2 -FBI Repro From 70s-Old Hardware-New Everything Else-Looks Authentic GOING TO EBAY CASE NUMBER2 GOING TO EBAY #15 Another Savage Bolt (Complete). Now asking $225 (was $275) -ITEMS BELOW HAVE BEEN SOLD- 1921 Buffer and Buffer Pilot and Spring-Fiber Discs are Inside $400 shipped- see below for pics (sold) Another 1921 Buffer/Pilot w Spring Complete _see below for Pics $400 Shipped (sold) Nickle Oiler-Perfect like Pics below $200 shipped (sold) Riot Shot Shells reduced from $850 to $700 pics are below (sold) Repeat Patent Date Mags Have Two $155 Each Shipped- see pics Below (SOLD) If You post "I'll take it, that takes preferences over PM's as far as time stamps With Ejectors, Six Are Colt- There are Two Savage and They are Withdrawn #16 Very Very Early Ejector-Note The Fire Blue Color $200 (sold) 4 Colt Shiny Milled Ejectors left-Ejectors (All SOld) #17 Another Fire Blue Ejector- $200 (sold) #18 Colt Polished Blue Ejector- Note Difference From Fire Blue- $100 (sold) #19 Colt Polished Blue Ejector- -$100 (sold) # 21 Colt Mag Catch With Spring- $200 (sold) (all mag catches sold) #22 Colt Safely and Selector Bright Blue Set Knurled- $300 (sold) First, A Colt Blish Lock $175 (SOLD) Next, A Complete Box of 50 Riot Cartridges $850,, Reduced to $750-Now $700 (SOLD) Nickle Oilers I have Two-complete with needle applicator,made in Usa stamped and has gasket-$200-sold Oiler# 3 sold Another Nickle Oiler- Same Condition-Both Nice-$200 Each SOLD First Gen Repeat Patent Date Mag $155 (SOLD) First Gen Repeat Date Mag- $155 (FIRST) 1921 Colt Actuator-Early Version To Fit Early 1921s With The Squared End $1500 (sold) Buffer and Buffer Pilot and Spring-Fiber Discs are Inside $400 (sold) Magazine For Shot Cartridges- 18 Shot- Very Very Nice $850 SOLD Another Magazine For Shot Cartridges-Nice But Honest Wear- $650 SOLD (#13) New Savage Bolt- Looks Unfired Complete w Hammer, Firing Pin,Spring, Hammer Pin, Extractor reduced To $275-SOLD 8q90/923/QrN Full Box of 50 Shotshells SHipped- Box is Pretty Nice. $550-SOLD https://imageshack.com/i/pok7B8zlj] Case#4 Added- Has Brass Hardware and "Bruce" Stamped in tiny letters on Handle- $300 (Sold) CASE 4 -SOLD [ https://imageshack.com/i/pmdMs5eyj][
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