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Found 1 result

  1. I recently acquired a de-milled British 2 inch paratrooper mortar. It has been de-milled according to ATF specs but I'd like to re-activate it as a legally owned destructive devise (AOW) and use it for demonstration purposes. Before I start the process, thought I would start a thread here for commentary. I'm open to all suggestions. I have 2 steps I'll need to accomplish. First is the ATF paperwork trail and the other is the actual re-activation process. I've posted pictures so you can see the current status of the mortar. Also, if I'm using terms incorrectly, (such as de-milled vs de-wat) someone please correct me. Since the current item is not an NFA registered device, I am assuming this will be considered a "new manufacture" even though it was previously manufactured during WW2? For the ATF paperwork trail, my thought is to submit a Form 1 (along with a $200 tax payment) requesting permission to the ATF and then after approval, accomplish the welding and milling locally. But if someone already knows how to do this, or knows of someone who can do it, please PM me. I’ll also need to submit a serial number. Any reason I can’t use the same serial number that is already on the device? It actually has 2 serial numbers, one on the base stem and the other on the trigger housing cover plate. Would it matter which one I used? Then regarding the re-activation. I'll need to weld a patch on the hole in the tube. Any considerations regarding pressures and metal stock? The practice rounds are launched using a 28 gauge shotshell with pyrodex. Essentially a blank shotshell. I've been told prior to welding, to fit a copper tube inside the mortar tube to help minimize the welding slag (and consequent clean up after welding). Any other suggestions or concerns anybody see? We will also need to drill out a spot weld placed over the firing pin channel. Don't see any issues with that but as always, any thoughts or suggestions? Lastly, if someone has experience in re-activating these mortar tubes, please contact me. I'd be more than happy to send this to someone if they have prior experience. Thanks in advance for commenting!
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