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  1. Hello I’m currently looking for a complete mp38 or mp40 lower. if it is an MP40 lower , preferably an early war dated example let me know what you have
  2. So for those of you who like cool stuff that's gun related, the Hospital in the Rock bunker is a circa WW2 and then a Cold War Nuclear Bunker (Hospital) located in Budapest Hungary. Waaaaay cool to see the perfectly preserved technology of the 1940's - 1960's East Block technology. What relates to the Forum however is an excellent Diorama depicting the siege of Budapest by the Russian Army who forced the Germans to retreat. The diorama is the inside of a building of some sort, with all types of real WW2 guns and equipment strewn about. At first I though they were replica's but I was able to lean over the waist high glass partition and sure as can be, the PPSH41 (it was the closest to the partition) was real! There was a gorgeous FG42, a MP42 complete with tripod and accessories, many rifles of all types, a MP40 and more. I could not believe my eyes! All the mannequins had original WW2 uniforms and accessories and there were lots of obviously found artifacts from the battle. I drooled for almost 30 minutes looking at them..... Anyway, it's a great place for us war buffs to visit..
  3. I've been troubleshooting some issues with my WWII MP40 that involve sloppy fitting of the lower parts. I purchased a complete MP-40 lower receiver. This resolved my problems. My question is about the different serial numbers on all the various parts. My understanding is that the original serial number on the tube is the only one that counts. I'm still a little uneasy, especially how the unmatching serial number on the rear is so conspicious. Do you think this presents any legal problem? I don't expect legal advice, but just want your opinions. Thanks
  4. This looks to be a minor job, but wanted to make sure I'm not getting in over my head. Is removal of the barrel easy? Does the nut every freeze, requiring a lot of force to remove? Will I need to reset headspace afterwards if I install a replacement? My second question involves replacing a broken stock bushing, the one with the rachet teeth. I'm having a devil of a time removing the small pins that secure the shoulder piece. The animated breakdown video found online show the pins being driven from inside the arm to out. Because of the clearance, there is no way I can get my punch at that angle. Can I punch the pins through in the opposite direction, starting from outside the arms and going inward?
  5. As the title states, I'm looking for a BFA for an MP40. Thanks in advance
  6. Morphys will have a auction Nov 17-18 with a really nice Colt Thompson (see lightguy thread) 3 WW2 Thompsons and few Mp40s, some Smith 76s, German MP18.1's ,Numbered C Drum, here is a link to the upcoming auction. John Keene is the NFA specialist for Morphy's and his discriminating eye does not let mistakes get past him, I have both bought and sold there and all my experiences have been great!! https://auctions.morphyauctions.com/catalog.aspx?auctionid=527
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of an excellent gunsmith in either Wyoming or Arizona that could work on my Hank Williams Jr. MP40. I want to put on a ribbed magwell because it has an incorrect slab side magwell on it. Thanks for any help, Haenelistklasse
  8. I dont know if this is just an oddity but when i saw it, I just had to have it!! A year Later and it sits on top of my gun safes. I think its cool. I paid $900 and thats what i will sell it for If no takers, i can toss it on Gunbroker. Figured more Thompson guys here
  9. Hello everyone! I spent a little time making small statistics from the data that I could find in various sources. This is not a direct comparison of better / worse, no, just a few numbers. I also plan to make comparisons with other SMGs. If anyone has additions or comments, write.
  10. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has experience with MP40 lower interchangeability. I have an ayf 43 receiver but am looking at a cool lower that is a bnz 41. Does anyone know if this match would work? or am I just better off sticking to an ayf lower? The lower is in another state so can not try out.
  11. Did anyone else see the auction for the bolt and recoil spring/firing pin assembly on gunbroker a week or so ago??? The bolt was marked "110" so must have been a very early bolt. It was a Battle Royale at the end as the price was driven up to $2050 with postage. I know it was rare but it is only a bolt. Unless, of course, you have the matching gun then it was a steal haha.
  12. Did anyone else see the MP40 parts kit on gunbroker that sold for $3800 last night? It was a nice kit but not that nice. It did have a very rare mag coded 122 38. The barrel was a bit pitted though and the endcap was marked fxo 42. I still think there was a shill bidder. A guy with a no rating just happened to sign up for the auction midway through. I did not bid but was watching intently.It was a Battle Royale at the end. There are still deals to be had every now and again. I was able to snag an original MP40 mag pouch in the last couple weeks that nobody bid on. I sent pics to Alex Cruiming (mp40.nl) and he said that he would have instantly bought it at the price I paid and I thought I paid a bit too much but am happy that I found it. It is only the second one I bought in 20 years.
  13. Hi, I have a question about an MP40 that is listed on Gunbroker. The MP40 looks like it has its original serial number on the receiver and barrel defaced or crossed out. A new number has been applied to the gun and the number begins with LRS a four digit number and then a letter. Is this a reweld gun? Or is it a gun that was refurbished by the German Forces during the war? It is a bnz 41 mismatched gun. I am not interested in buying. I just think it is kind of weird and interesting. Take care, Haenelistklasse
  14. Hello, I have a question about an MP40 that I own. It looks to have a giant E on the top of the receiver. I thought perhaps it was put there to help site the gun in or perhaps as an internal production stamp. Well, anyway, I started talking to a fellow collector online and he said that he would talk to a German MP40 expert at the Show of Shows which he did. The fellow collector emailed me and said that the guy he spoke to thought it is probably a Gate Vilnius mark like the ones found on the Browning Hi Powers. These guns were supposedly issued to Lithuanian troops and the mark resembles a famous castle in Vilnius. I had never heard of such a thing but did find some articles on the web. So I was just wondering what everyone thinks of this. Are these marks real or are they fakes? The one on my gun looks real and I have never seen another MP40 marked like this. So does the guy know what he is talking about or is he full of it? Just curious...
  15. Hi, I was lurking on gunbroker a couple weeks ago and saw this cool Amnesty registered MP40 for sale. It was a cool gun but certainly not worth the almost 25K the gun brought. When I looked up who won the auction, it was some guy with no feedback. So my question is is there a lot of shill bidding going on there? I mean Frank sold an MP40 the week before for like 19.5K and it was a lot nicer than this gun. He also had one on his hot list for 18k a week or two ago. Would like to know everyone's thoughts.
  16. Hello, I was wondering if I could pick the brains of some MP40 experts out there in Cyberland. I am seriously considering posting a want to trade ad for a rare MP40 I have. It is an early Haenel coded gun (122 40) that is 100% matching, 80-85% original finish with all the early rare features (square hook front site, slab side mag well, claw style cocking handle with original unmodified receiver). Matching parts are endcap, trigger guard, folding stock, receiver tube, rear site, sling ring, barrel, front site, resting bar (aluminum), magwell, bolt and firing pin. I have fired the gun once (200 rounds gingerly) but it really is too nice to shoot and kind of felt bad doing it. Ran like a champ though. I let one guy at the range fire a clip and he thought he was in heaven. It was fun to see the smile on his face Anyway I talked to Alex Cruiming (mp40.nl) and he said that it is a very rare gun with only 6 in his database of 600 guns. I want to find someone that has a shooter grade C&R gun that they would trade me plus cash on their end since I am "trading down". I want to know what a fair trade price would be because I don't want to overprice it but I don't want to underprice it either. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Haenelistklasse
  17. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has sent Bubba any guns recently by Fedex. The reason I ask is that I just sent off one of my MP40's for repair and sent it to his address on his website. It says a P.O. box plus a route number. The Fedex lady said they will not deliver to a post office box but I thought this is his physical address. I tried to get a hold of him but no luck yet. Well, if anyone knows, I would very much appreciate it.
  18. So I'm being told to get this set up for my Erb MP40. That it will run better and be more reliable. Can anyone speak to the truth of that or will the original bolt and recoil assembly work fine? Thanks.
  19. Hello, I was just wondering how hard it is to replace a sear on an MP40? Will any original WW2 sear work? Or must it be the same maker? Take care, Haenelistklasse
  20. Hello, does anyone know what all the nice MP40's went for at the Julia auction? Just curious...
  21. Sandman strikes again and brings us another awesome review. Last time it was the 1921 vs 1928 thompson this time its his UD42 vs the mp40. Enjoy!
  22. Hello, I was wondering if anyone might know where I could shoot my MP40 in either Northern Wyoming or the Black Hills of South Dakota. I would really like to shoot it outside. Looking for when the weather gets nice. If in South Dakota would need a few weeks notice so I could fill out my 5320.20. Well, thank you for any help, leads or information. Haenelistklass PS I am not looking for a free range. I will pay whatever fee it is. I am also an experienced shooter with about 25 years experience shooting this type of gun.
  23. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has experience with Freedom of Information Act requests on NFA guns. I have an MP40 that has two serial numbers, one is the original German World War Two number and the other is an IRS #. The IRS number is on the endcap and on the receiver. Where would I send my request? How long does it usually take? I have heard that it can sometimes take years. Is the information worth getting as I have heard most of the original form is redacted? Thanks for any and all help, Haenelistklasse
  24. Hello, I have a really weird question about MP40 mag wells. I have an ayf 43 coded gun which has a slab sided mag well which is the incorrect type of mag well for the year. I do however believe this was a period replacement because eventhough the gun is re-blued it has the same type of light pitting as the receiver. My question is I prefer the ribbed mag well on this my shooter gun so can I buy any original WW2 MP40 mag well and have it put on or do I have to buy an Erma coded one? Thanks for any and all help. Haenelistklasse
  25. I was reading one of the other threads and someone mentioned that the Show of Shows was this past weekend. I have never been there but want to go one day. Were there any cool MP40's for sale or cool accessories or not so cool accessories for sale? Or just neat displays of MP40's or accessories?
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