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Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks, I recently had the good fortune of having the opportunity to pick up an extensive collection of pre war and war time production LP34 flare pistols. Most are in excellent condition and are really cool. The production and manufacturing changes are very evident between the pre war guns and those produced later and have been really cool to compare. These are some of the preliminary photos that I grabbed for inventory purposes. Im still on the learning curve as far as rarity and desirability of different production codes / years, any pointers there? Value wise they seem to be all over the place. One of the early pistols is police marked (eagle / c ) which no doubt is rarer than the run of the mill guns but without finding any comparative examples its been hard to gauge. There is also an example with a zinc lower and blued barrel that I have found no similar examples of. Definitely a lot of cool variation here to learn about. Some pics to enjoy! Partial Zinc: Police:
  2. For Sale: Greg Fox Police Model Hardcase Mint condition Greg Fox Police hardcase. Hardcase has a royal purple interior and the exterior covering has a grain pattern. Hardware is vintage hardware with the end bolts being marked Eagle Lock Co. Hardcase was displayed in my office on a shelf without a Thompson it in. I will ship in same the shipping box and bubble wrap protection as I received the hardcase in. Sold Pending Funds $650 plus $35 shipping in the lower 48 states. Payment by USPS Money Order, sorry no PayPal. First I’ll take it .
  3. With permission from the site owner I am listing my 1928 Model Navy Overstamp Colt's Thompson Submachine Gun for sale. The gun was one of two purchased by the Oak Park, Illinois, Police Department in June of 1934. The gun is a beautiful example of a police Thompson and is in excellent condition with normal wear associated with a police gun that saw service for over thirty years. The gun was purchased, along the other department 1928 Navy Model, by a dealer/collector in 1970. I purchased the gun directly from the dealer's son, who inherited the gun from his father's estate, in 2004. The gun comes with two original twenty round magazines, a 1st generation Worcester L drum, and the original police hard case purchased with the gun 1934. The gun, XX magazines are drum are marked with the numeral 2, indicating it was the second of the department's two guns. The case has been professionally restored as it had suffered storage damage and was falling apart. The restorer used most of the existing parts and wood frame but the black velvet interior, and faux leather cover material had to be replaced. This is a chance to own a well kept, lightly used, original police Colt's Thompson in collector-grade condition. The only major flaws are several pivot-plate scratches from the gun being taken apart and cleaned over the years. There is very little wear to the compensator, actuator slot, and other areas of the original finish. The barrel bore is in excellent shape as well as the wood. The gun was obviously lightly used and well taken care of. The gun is registered on a Form 4. There are lots of photographs and paperwork documenting the gun's provenance that will be available to a new owner. There are fifty or so photos of the gun available for examination as well. There are too many to post here, PM for further information, photographs and asking price. Shown below are photographs of a display at the Michigan Antique Arms Show in 2017, old newspaper articles from the local Oak Park newspaper and recent photos available to prospective buyers.
  4. With David's permission, I have 4 replica Thompson cases I'd like to offer to board members before listing them. These are new cases with N.O.S. hardware and replica leather handles. Each model is a carefully hand crafted representation of the original item. All are discreetly maker marked to identify them as reproductions. These are very accurate reproductions. Unfortunately, some of the old stock hardware, key to Thompson cases, is nearly gone so there won't be many more of these. If you've been considering a reproduction case, now's the chance. The FBI case and Alabama cases are ready for immediately shipment. The Police and Indiana models are ready for the velvet interiors. Buyer can select the interior color for either of these cases. Original case velvet colors in stock are; royal blue, royal purple, black, red, and green. It takes about 4-5 working days to complete the interiors once a color is selected. FBI case pictured below. PM me with your email for questions or pictures of the other cases. Price per case is $650 plus shipping. Thanks, Greg Fox
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