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Found 4 results

  1. Dear forum colleagues, Like many here, I am a collector and enthusiast of Colt Thompson magunificas! I've been thinking for a few days now.... What should be the whereabouts of the Thompson with serial number #1986. Is it in a museum? Is it from a collector? Or was it lost? This serial number has nothing special, other than being the year of my birth. But that led me to search... It was then that I looked at the book Colt Thompson Serial Numbers, by Mr Gordun Herigstag. I was able to find out that Thompson #1986 was originally shipped to Mexico. However, after being DESTROYED, its pieces would have returned to the USA in the "World Shooters" of Phoenix, Arizona. I was extremely disappointed to hear that it had been destroyed! And at the same time I was very happy to know that its parts would be in the USA. I ask you, my forum colleagues... Do you know the whereabouts of this piece? Is the owner of this piece here on our forum? It would be really cool to be able to see some photos of these weapons. Knowing how she was destroyed... Seeing how she is today. Thank you very much for everyone's attention
  2. Hi guys! I recently bought my first Original thompson - 1928A1 - in a very good state. I was wondering if some of you could help to try to retrace to when & where the weapon was used & issued. Most importantly, what year it was made? Is there a possibility to trace it back to, if it was used in ww2, to which unit, country etc? I have the Thompson bible from Gracie L Hill but do not seemd to find anything on the serial number (might of looked over it aswell since I got frustrated haha! ) This is the serial number : A060432 Have a great weekend everyone Thanks in advance! Regards
  3. I need help with sten Mk 2 I have an opportunity to buy and need to know if it is real and pre 1986 and legal for me to own it and register it. It belonged to a person that passed away and his 84 year old wife asked me if I wanted to buy it. And I want to know if I can buy it and register it legally. If its been his since 1980 can I buy it and register it legally from his wife or what I can do to own it legally. sn# 42881 is the serial number can anyone date it and help me on the legality issue thanks For the help
  4. Hi, Sorry if this question has already been asked before, is there a webpage or topic here for identify a 1928 or 1928 A1 production year with its serial number ? thanks paul
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