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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening all, I'm trying to get my great grandfathers Westernfield 36 (Stevens 520) back into action and fully functional. It was passed down to me recently and has largely sat under a bed for what I would guess at least the last 40-50 years. Doing some googling leads me to believe it was manufactured in 38-39 (https://www.gunvaluesboard.com/stevens-520-and-520a-identification-guide-2617.html) After a thorough once over and cleaning (im talking pins and springs, this thing was gunky!) there is nearly no rust, and she is smooth as glass after nearly a century of use (im told many Michigan white-tail and pheasant met their end to this old girl). Forgive my poor cell phone pictures My problems started at the first trip out to the range. When going to rack the slide, ive noticed that the next shell has skipped over the shell stop and jammed the action, this is entirely from the recoil, not racking the slide: The normal shell position for proper feeding function is this(I assume): In taking things apart, my first thought was that the slide (https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1032990A) was worn down, allowing the shell to skip over the "shell stop". I ordered a new slide from numrich, and sure enough the new piece looked far less worn on the front end: (new part is on the bottom, notice the harder angle at the end of the little shell catch ramp) Thinking I had this thing figured out, I went back to the range today only to have the same issue. Once every 15-20 rounds the shell will skip over the little stop on the slide and jam things up. Im shooting #8 2 3/4 shot, nothing fancy, factory shells. While this is a cherished family heirloom, its always been a working shotgun, and I would like to take it out a few times a year hunting small game, maybe turkey, etc. But I dont want to if I cant count on a follow up shot. Any thoughts? I appreciate any insights you might have!
  2. Hello all, I'm hoping I could get some replies/answers on a question I have on barrel and receiver stampings on a Stevens model 620, 12 ga. On 620 models where the buttstock attaches to the receiver via a top and bottom tang (not the single thru bolt).... what markings are stamped on the breech of the barrel and receiver side ? I have a US army training manual from September 1942 that shows a 620 with checkered wood and what looks like a receiver engraved as "model 620" above the trigger and " the J Stevens, Browning, Made by, Mass" nomenclature in the mid-upper left side of the receiver. beyond that the images are too grainy in the manual to show better detail.... What I don't know is what and where were stampings on the barrel. In my living history group i'd like to have a project gun that would represent a Procurement program shotgun doing duty as a riot gun for public displays. I've tackled this type project for an Ithaca M37, a Winchester M12 and a Remington M31 so far...but the Stevens is proving less easy to find good imagery online would 620's made in say the mid to late 1930's have the "proof tested, 12 ga, 2 3/4 chamber" lines on the left rear barrel closest to the breech and then a J Stevens manufacturing address block forward of it also on the left, or would that block be on the right ? Some photos of available 620's for sale are either hard to zoom to see what's stamped, or the sellers didn't photo the proper angles in the first place and I haven't gotten an answer asking what's stamped and where. one serial number I can sort of make out seems to be something like U 55,xxx (guesstimate) any help, descriptions or a few sample pics of what your markings look like on some actual 620's (not 620A) would be very helpful Respectfully, Andy
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