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Found 11 results

  1. I am getting a second Police Ordnance M6 SMG and as soon as my tax stamp is approved with my C&R License, I will get it sent directly to me. These SMGs are extremely hard to find these days. After I get this one, my collecting of MGs will be over. Two is enough for me.
  2. Does anyone have a video that shows how to disassemble, Oil, and clean a Ingram M6? I have one coming in and don't want to screw anything up. Thanks
  3. Ruger AC556, UZI, M11, or? Anyone in this group have an extra sub or machine gun that you may be willing to sell me? I think there are many cons out there advertising items they don't have and wanting to cheat people out of their money. Just thought I would put it out. My budget is between 9K up to 14K. Thanks Tom
  4. Hi Ingram shooters and collectors. Can you please let me know what you think about this Model 6 SMG. Any comments would be appreciated. This will be my 2nd M6. The serial number on this one is in the 200s. Thank you to all of you for your help and educating me on the Ingram M6.
  5. Anyone in this group have an extra sub or machine gun that you may be willing to sell me? I think there are many cons out there advertising items they don't have and wanting to cheat people out of their money. Just thought I would put it out. I cannot afford the big ticket items. Thanks
  6. Looking for a working M2 automatic /MG. Please let me know what you have and how much. Please no scammers. Thanks TKS
  7. Hi everyone. I own a Ingram M6 which I love and now I am looking for another machine gun. I would like an entry level Class 3 curio/relic if possible. If you have one to maybe sell me, please respond to this message.
  8. Wow today I shot my M6 with my wife and a good friend. Amazing SMG. It is so accurate, and built so well. What a pleasure and a ton of fun! I love my M6. I go up our mountain to a meadow and just shoot. This really is a fantastic Submachine Gun. 5 full Mags and no jams! Thanks everyone for all your help.
  9. Hello everyone, I was looking to ease my mind on a particular TSMG that I was looking to add to my collection. I am more of a shotgun collector, but this item caught my attention, that would make a good candidate to add to my collection. There were a few things that I wasn't convinced about, but after my pending membership was approved, I was able to find more information on the forum. Now only one question remains. If you look at the left side of the receiver, it states the "model of 1928". The thing that I noticed is that the part "of 1928" is recessed. It almost looks like part of the model year was milled down to add another designation. Is this common in other firearms, or was the designation rolled in with to much force? This may be a stupid question, but hey, my knowledge is more with the shotguns. As you can see in the pictures, further markings are similar to the guns that have been discussed before within the same 41.000 range of serial numbers. I forgot to take more pictures than the ones attached.
  10. Thought this would be interesting to share. The Captain Miller Thompson from Steven Spielbergs Saving Private Ryan film will be up for grabs at UKs PropStore auction at the price of what a full auto Tommy will run you. It appears to have been converted from a real Thompson to fire blanks. Lots of photos available on their website. https://bit.ly/2kw8uTK
  11. Hi, i have some old / vintage ammunition that i will be happy to identify : i hope that could also make an interesting topic, with more addition from our fellow members. here 2 engraved "17 and "18" : is it the years ? sincerely Paul
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