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Just Received My Sterling From Andrewski And Wow

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I shot the Sterling last night WOW it is just amazing. There is virtually no muzzle rise and smooth. I have to say it is in a different league. I was excited when I bought my first Thompson and UZI but this is the best shooting Sub Gun I have used. Nice job John Andrewski


Later Joe



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They are very nice. I've got nine different open bolt 9mm subguns and it's the smoothest of all of them. The only open bolt that runs smoother is the Walther MPL, which my C3 dealer let me shoot. Unfotunately, there are no transferables of those that I've ever seen. As far as fun to shoot open bolt guns, it ranks right up there w/ my Swedish K and Beretta 38a. I have a friend who is an experienced shooter but has never shot C3 guns, so I took him out last weekend. We took an MP40, Beretta 38a, Sterling, MP5 and MP5SD and about 2500 rnds. While he really liked the SD for the coolness factor, the Sterling was his favorite. Needless to say, he was all grins even when we finally ran out of ammo.
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