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How Much Is A Transferable Sidecocker?

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Bargains aside, once the M1 and M1A1 Thompsons make it to the NFA dealers, $10k~12k?
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From what is being advertised by the dealers today, $10-12K appears to be on the low side. Expect to pay more and hope that you will pay less but don't count on it. Almost all transferrable machine gun prices seemed to have gone up by over 10% in the last year. So did the stock market.


Condition and desirability of the particular gun will also figure into the price.


Good luck in your search.

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Regarding the stock market, the Dow and SP500 are up 25% and the NASDAQ up 50% on the year.

Smart money was in stocks, Colt M16's, and MACs this past year.


A buddy of mine bought a decent Savage M1 at the SAR show for $10,500. That seems to be the going rate these days. Expect to pay more.


Jerry Prasser has nice stuff, I bought a refinished MP35/1 9mm smg from him exactly one year ago. It's a great shooter. Jerry is a good guy, I'd buy from him again. without hesitation.



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