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What Is The Min Length Of The Firing Pin?

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Phil, those gauges do exist and there is a spec for pin protrussion. Unfortunately I have neither. I had a problem with my Savage 28 while using Fiocchi ammo. The gun will run anything else but I get 30% FTF with it. Soneone told me "hard primers". Now I use mostly S&B.
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3.071 according to the Colt print (may have been revised in latter Military production).


If the head space is not correct or the ammunition is short it won’t matter if the firing pin is right or not. Every detail must be taken into account when troubling shooting a problem like failure to fire.


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I have not seen documentation on the use of the FP protrusion gage, but I am sure it exists.


In use, the bolt is removed form the firearm, the hammer is pressed flush against the front of the bolt as if the bolt were in the closed position in the receiver, the gage is then applied to the bolt face- the legs touching the bolt face and the protruding FP in the notch between the legs of the gage.


This points out some of the complexity of the system; while the FP can be of correct length, the hammer, hammer pin and bolt also play a part as well as the receiver and barrel. Every detail must be taken into account.


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