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On Learning About Project "x", I Was Wondering...

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.. If another route to make the original 16.5 inch barrel appear shorter, and still stay legal, would be to design a custom

front vertical grip which would position it a little further forward, thus making the barrel appear shorter.


Has this been done on project "X", or any other custom project out there yet?


If so, does anyone offer this custom vertical front fore grip for sale anywhere?


If so, who ans how much?


I want one.


I was thinking that doing this modification as well as moving back the Cuts compensator would really make the Semi auto look very much like a full auto weapon.


THanks all..

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Dan Block (Deerslayer) has such an extended grip, http://home.rconnect.com/~danlaura/id5.html


Also, there has been speak here before about moving the Cutts back. Don't know where but a search might turn it up...

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I'll bet that explains the oversized vertical grips on the Kahr's now. It was maybe an aesthetic decision to make the barrel appear shorter. If that was the case, I question whether that actually works. If possible, you might want to consider the SBR route that several on this board took.
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You'd have to reposition the attachment hole from through the grip to somewhere aft, and it gets pretty skinny where the web of your hand is. Making a longer horizontal grip works really well, but a slighly longer vertical would probably be tough. One thing that does pop into mind would be to make a new hole in the hanger about an inch forward though there might not be that much room to go without building a custom hanger too. That way you could keep the bolt going through the grip (it adds a lot of strength I'd guess). If you want to try something let me know.



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PK is Moving back my Cutts on a 27A1 barrel. He is cutting the barrel and weilding the Cutts to the end, thus making the compensater become the barrel. Super legal and straight up.

It's only a 2 inch difference, but in perspective ( look between your legs http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif ),

that can be a big difference!


Oh crap, I have a feeling the voodoo doll is about to appear... where's the corner?!


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Thanks Zamm,


(and everyone else too)


I may contact PK as well and have the barrel shortened and the cutts welded to the barrel also.

Can you give me a ballpark figure aon what that operation costs?

Does he re-blue the barrle once the welding is done?







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PK attends to all of the little things, very professional. He can also redo your actuator to get rid of the cheese grater look as supplied with the 27. If you go back a page or two to 'Early Christmas', you can see a photo of a 27 with comp moved back, fitted with one of Dan Block's horizontal grips. The actuator doesn't show up too well in the photo, not being the rather massive thing it once was...





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