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Unconverting Sa Magazines

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Well, murphys law applies. I had to bumb SA mags from a friend of a friend to try my new toy and the afternoon I get the catch converted to accept the FA mags like my other WH; the SA mags shipped seperate from the gun show up.


I remember something on the old boards about welding up the holes and someone talking about drifting the back plate of the mag down and then crimping it.


Was hoping someone had tried both and could tell me which would be easyer, and or if my best bet is selling the damn things to someone with a SA and picking up unmodifed examples.


Anyone have any thoughts?



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If you do it yourself you can slide a piece of square brass stock down into the mag so that it fits flush to the inside of the mag catch hole. Then you can add weld to the mag hole to close it up. Then file the excess weld off and your mag will fit a FA gun. The weld won't stick to the brass so you don"t have to try to clean up the inside of the mag. I fixed mine that way and it works just fine. Kevin
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