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Thompson Maintenance

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Hello All,


I will soon be a new owner (caretaker?) of an M1 Thompson (Savage manufacture). I was wondering if you had any advice about recoil springs and buffers. In short, what do I need to replace and when? When do you replace your springs? Would you go with Wolff or GI surplus?


Thanks for the help,



P.S. strange question, I know, but have any of you ever tried shot cartridges in your Thompson? Did they cycle?

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As long as the red fiber between the plates is not crumbling and the rivets aren’t sticking out from the surface of the plates, your buffer should be ok. Richardson has made a polyurethane buffer in the past, don’t know what the future holds for resumption of production.


TM 9-1215 states that the free length of the recoil spring should be 10” min. and without kinks. Both of the replacements you mention are good.


Keep her clean & oiled and you will have a lot of fun.



Welcome aboard

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