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For Sale Mg34 Bipod- German Pattern, Not Czech


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$175.00 nice Fully functional, all adjustment work as new. See ebay item #230439656098 for pics Or email me


Free shipping for board members.


Two waffenampts are visible:


WA26 shows this was made between 1938 – 42. by Mauser-Werke, Borsigwalde best known for making the MG 34.


Wa 57 is for a small arms parts contractor Braunschweigische, Braunschweig between 1941- 43, who also made parts for the MG 34.


This bipob has been given a light coat of black paint but the finish underneath the paint and inside the legs looks to be in great shape. The paint should come off easily. NO rust of pitting is present and the legs are staright and stiff as they should be and they do not do that twisty, bendy thing that ground dug or Airsoft bipods do.


All adjustments, springs, latches and screws work as they did the day it was made.



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