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Stevens 520-30 Trench Gun

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Hello, all,


Sure could use some help.


My Stevens 520-30 trench gun has a problem in that the slide bar will not reliably engage the bolt. As I rack the slide forward, most of the time, the bolt will not then move forward into battery. If I twist the grip slightly clockwise as I rack it forward, it will pick up the bolt every time. I'm thinking that I should not have to remember to do this!


All parts involved seem to be in excellent condition and un-worn. Receiver and barrel serials match.


What's the fix?


Many thanks!


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This just came up on another board, same problem / same gun. Don't know if it was you or someone else. My gun did the same thing when I got it. Asked my old gunsmith friend what he did to fix it and he reminded me we replaced the mag tube nut with a brand new one. It has a slot in it that the slide arm travels in , and I guess the little bit of play in it caused the arm to unlatch. Now , remember , it has to unlatch when you want to disassemble , so it's a fine line. Numrich has them for $8 and change and it will need to be near new. The old one we removed didn't look worn , but no problems after the new one was installed. You should also inspect the arm tip and the bolt slot for any wear or burrs.

HTH , Chris

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Thanks, Chris!


I fixed it. I noticed that the slide bar was was very slightly bent. It basically was unlatching itself from the bolt. I carefully bent it straight, and functioning is now normal.


I've only owned the gun for a few hours, and did not realize that an important step in taking the gun down is to open the action, and then reach in and press the slide bar outboard to unlatch it from the bolt while moving the slide forward.


It's a beautiful gun; I'll post some pics here shortly.


Thanks again!

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