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Gun Insurance

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Has anyone had any experence with buying insurance for their gun collection? I took a large loss on Easter Day 1982. At the time I had Travlers home owners and they paid most of my loss, but since then things have changed so much. I checked with different companys and the rates were out of site. NRA was so so but was still high. Then I found Collectors Insurance on the net and in the Gun list. Their coverage and prices were by far the best and they welcome class three arms.


My lost in 1982 was over a quarter of a million and at todays cost for insurance it was just too high for me to get.


If you have an alarm or safe you get a discount. And with the investment in class three arms, Insurance is worth looking at to cover your investment just in case.


Has anyone had a lost while under Collectors Insurance? and if so how was the outcome?

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