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Wtb: Savage Built M1a1 Lower

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I need an excellent condition savage built M1A1 lower for my Amnesty registered M1A1. Must have all savage internals, cross drilled stock, bar style selectors, and the FULL AUTO on two lines


Have an EXCELLENT AOC lower with paddle selectors, non cross drilled stock, and FULL AUTO on one line for possible trade, but would rather buy outright


Let me know what you have




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I picked up the thompson saturday, shot it sunday. It did not miss a beat...i am extremely happy with it!! I stripped it down for familiarity and to detail clean it last night and discovered that every part in the lower is stamped AOC with excetion of the selectors.


Oddly enough i went to the vet's house yesterday and found that his wife had been admitted to the hospital and does not look good...so i won't bother him with this stuff now


I agree that it was switched in 1943 at some field armory. The gun has its original finish and wear is consistant throughout...si i have no doubt it has been on there all of its life. The vet was wounded in late 1943 and apparenly took it home with him in 1944 claiming it never left his posession.


I just want the savage lower to have a consistant gon. everything in the upper is "S" marked...and everything in the lower is AOC marked...just enough to irritate me!

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Hey fellas,... sort of on the same subject... I`m looking for a 28 Savage finned barrel and lower to rewat early Brit proofed 28. Any help would sure be appreciated.I checked with IMA and their 28 parts kits are all AOC. It will hang in NASLEMM museum for a spell, but will be road tested periodically.PK will handle the rewat and pics will follow progress.TIA. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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Paul,... that`s good news! consider it sold. I`ll talk with you about it in our next phone conversation... again,Thank you! Tom H.
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