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Johnson Rifle And Lmg Forum Added 1/9/11

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Another forum I have wanted to add for a while is one focused on the Melvin Johnson designed firearms of WWII. When I was in high school in Hawaii, we used to go to Security Equipment off of King St. in Honolulu, and look at their guns. They always seemed to have a few M1941 Johnson Rifles available for sale, and I didn't realize how scarce they were overall because they were commonly available at that store. Perhaps it had to do with their use in the war in the South Pacific by Marines in WWII that they ended up in a gun store in Hawaii. Anyway, I wish I'd picked one up at the usual $450-$600 price I saw them at in the early 1980's, but they were too expensive for me at the time. Melvin Johnson was a unique inventor and historian whose designs and writings provide us a greater understanding of the progress of firearm design during WWII and beyond. This forum is intended for discussion of Mr. Johnson and his inventions.


Feel free to post your questions or other Johnson related content here.




David Albert


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