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Another bm62

hi everyone

im a recent member and this is my first post but have been reading your posts for a while

i want to thank everyone for sharing all the great info.very helpful

i have fallen in love with these things aspecially that im Italian

well im so excited and want to tell you about my 62

it is a berben import s/n 002531 bought new in 1980 he gave me the original Beretta 300 year

anniversary box it came in.(no manual & one 20rnd mag) it is in excellent condition and was told

it only had two mags through it and has been a safe queen since and by its condition

i believe him.

Everything is stamped bm59 that is supposed to be except the bolt. its a s.a with

6528287-sa a-10 stamped on it.ill try to add photos later i have read your posts

about the bolts but i cant see any etchings or other markings im just hoping its original.

i might have someone check the head space to be on the safe side.

if anyone knows if there are 5 and /or 10rnd mags out there please let me know

i dont care if they are original as long as they work. This thing is stamped 308 win

can I shoot factory 308 or nato only

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MCO - You've just acquired a great rifle, hope you enjoy it as much as many of us do on this forum. As information, your BM62 s/n002531 is actually a "Berben" import. Check the left side of the receiver and you should see the following marking:




The Benet imports are marked as BM69's and have lower serial numbers. As for the SA bolt, many BM62's have been observed with them as delivered. Should not be an issue.


Your rifle is marked .308W as this is a "sporting " caliber as opposed to the "miltary" 7.62 NATO caliber.




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There is a magazine 8 or 9 rd forsale on gunbroker right now and it seems to be getting alot of attention.

You might want to check it out .

Congrats on your rifle, they are well made and lots of fun.




i see it thanks



i didnt bid on it because i dont know if it was a cut down mag

or if they realy made an eight shot


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