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I haven't been here in quite awhile-lots of new (to me) names. I read the three page "discussion" and all I can say is I'd rather have Ltcboy in my corner/foxhole than those who want to phone BATFE or the State Department everytime another gunowner looks cross-eyed. Every gun law since the 2nd amendment was penned is "infringment". Why any believers in freedom and liberty should want to aid the government with that infringement is beyond me. No-I am not advocating nor do I engage in breaking of any gun laws. I am just curious where some guys draw the line-will you rat on any-one for any violation? Which guns will you surrender when the day comes-and which ones will they have to "pry from your cold dead hands"? Will you make a deal with gov.org to turn in someone else if you are allowed to squirrel just one away (because they know you'll never use it, after all you're on their side). This is not a flame and is not aimed at any one person, so take a deep breath before you start swinging. Just food for thought.

P.S. I have not asked on this board about the "Russians" because of the certain conflagration, but I am curious, as I am about all things Thompson. I have an Uncle in London and cousins in Scotland, and Germany, who share my interest in Thompsons (since they've seen mine), they also are intrigued by most things American including "cowboys" and "gangsters". I told them about the deactivated Russians that are legal in some countries. Not being "gun savvy" they don't know where to look for one of the deact/dewats, and I can't help them because it's taboo to even ask about them...and this is the most "free" country in the world!

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