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Manville Second Generation 25mm "Machine Gun"

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Photo of one of my Manville Second Generation 25MM "Gas - Riot Machine Guns", Factory Hardcase, Factory Cleaning Rod, Original 1938 Factory Catalog and Period Literature. Catalog shows factory price of $175.00.


Also shown is a limited production Manville Single Shot Pistol.






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ok well maybe someone can help me, i have a weapon, teargas gun ,other? this is a 12 guage chamber, the barrel is i think about 4-5 inches long it unscrews fron the gun , the gun is held in your palm like a syringe you pull back on the two levers and it fired the shell, the only name on it says manville manufactoring company, so that led me to think of gas gun, i have only seen one other one in a crime labs display case, Edited by manville singel shot
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