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Hr2038 And S1431

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I know there has been plenty of discussion already on HR2038. I did not know what the related bill was to support it and the AWB extension. I invite your attention to the list of sponsers on this :

Sen Boxer, Barbara - 9/25/2003 [CA]

Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham - 10/1/2003 [NY]

Sen Corzine, Jon - 7/17/2003 [NJ]

Sen Kerry, John F. - 11/21/2003 [MA]

Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. - 9/4/2003 [MD]

Sen Reed, John F. - 9/4/2003 [RI]

Sen Sarbanes, Paul S. - 10/1/2003 [MD]

Sen Schumer, Charles E. - 12/9/2003 [NY]


Being a native New Yorker (Brooklyn) transplanted to Tennessee, I can only say it gives me a sad feeling that the 2 Senators representing the state of my birth are co-sponsoring this idiocy, not to mention that another sponsor of it is starting to look like a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Any thoughts??




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