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Standardparts Gas Cylinders


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....Hope this post is OK with the moderator.


We have sold quite a few of the BM59 gas cylinders. Yes, they are tight. The reason being is that when we did the run we used a variety of barrels, mostly U.S. GI produced Garand barrels for the fit check. As you can imagine, we had no access to, or know of no source for original Beretta drawings. So we relied on using a few BM59 gas cylinders and two Beretta BM barrels to get dimensions from. It was a bit of a surprise to find that the BM barrels we had gave a slightly looser fit than did standard Garand barrels. So in the end, considering that this would probably be a one time run, we opted to run a bit tight on the dimensions reasoning that a tight fit would be better than having the gas cylinder moving around on the barrel.


So, why the post? This is the reason,,,if you have a gas cylinder from us, and you are not happy with it, please let us know. We'll gladly let you return it for refund or exchange.


We are in the BM59 parts deal for what we think will be a long run. We want anyone in the BM59 community to be satisfied with the parts they receive from us.



Thanks for the time and thanks to the board for allowing this post.



StandardParts LLC


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Thanks for popping in.

I was not the intent of my post to say that these your gas cylinders were not viable. Though I have not contacted you about returning it I'm glad the door is open. I only spent a very short time trying to fit it last spring and have not returned to it yet. I'm not completeley convinced it cant be made to work. I'll get back to it soon.


I would like to compliment you on going to market with the products you offer. I know I will continue to buy all the great stuff you offer.



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