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Flare Gun Forum Added 8/23/11


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I have an interest in flare guns, and own 2 of them in my collection. (Mine are a U.S. M8, and what I think is a British No. 2 Mk 5 - I've seen them listed as 3 different designations on the web, and in a book) Information on the subject of flare guns is currently not very centralized, and my intention in creating this new forum is to encourage those who already frequent this site, and hopefully others who are not yet on this site to discuss and document flare guns, and potentially contribute to a reference page in the future.


I'm also looking for a copy of Robert Gaynor's "Flare Guns & Signal Pistols," which is apparently the authority on the subject, but was published as a very limited printing, and is now out of print.


I also want to recognize the fact that there are several great posts about flare guns on the U.S. Militaria Forum, which is another forum that I enjoy and post on regularly, with great contributions on many subjects related to subjects on this board. Here is a link to that forum:




So, if you have something to say about flare guns, please feel free to do so in this forum. I look forward to what everyone has to say about the subject.




David Albert


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Hi Dave:


Nice to see the new forum here. I will try to find time this fall to post some stuff out of my signal pistol collection.


Gaynor's book is the best on the subject but even it is fairly limited. There really needs to be a comprehensive book on US signal pistols written, but I tend to think that the interest level in the subject is fairly low and, thus, there is not a lot of demand for such a tome. Perhaps this new forum will serve the function of informing collectors.




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Hello Charlie . Great to see a familiar face . B)


Thanks for adding the flaregun forum !


I used to collect WWI/WWII flare guns but sold out a few years ago . I did keep one of these though . Reason being I grew up in Tipp City , OH formerly Tippecanoe City . The factory that made these while no longer there was located about a block from my house .


here's my example .





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guy sajer,


Thanks for posting the picture. Yours has an ordnance mark as well as inspector initials that make it even more interesting. I wonder who the inspector initials "F.A.M." stand for? Gaynor's book indicates your pistol was designed in the 1930's, was used in aircraft by the Army Air Corps in WWII, and cost the government about $25.


David Albert


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Hello Dave


Thank you for increasing my knowledge on this subject . I could never find much info online . I wonder what the total production was ?


My boss at work (also my cousin) recently found a nice International Flare Signal Co Mark 52 . No military markings though . I think he found online where these were popular with the Merchant Marine ships .


Regards ,



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I have an interest in flare guns, and own 2 of them in my collection.

Hi David,


I am also into flare guns, mainly German W.W.II. Below is a pair of my favorites SLD guns. I am still looking for Walther's in stainless steel.



I am looking for a parts drawing of the Walther SLD flare gun. Does anyone know where to look for one?

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My grandfather has this German antique double barrel flare gun. He'd like to know a little more about it. Like how much is it worth? Was a military flare gun. He tried a local gun shop they couldn't find anything out either. if anyone could help it would be appreciated.

Please e mail me at csikora4th@gmail.com









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A stainless steel SLD double barrel flare pistol will cost you between $2,200.00-$2,700.00. I own a 1939 Walther SLD with Kriegsmarine acceptance stamps. The SLD was also made of aluminum and one is offered in the Premier Rock Island Auction in September.






http://www.rockislandauction.com/viewitem/aid/62/lid/3431 Buyer alert: This item is questionable. The pistol is real but the Sturmpistole parts (front sight and shoulder stock) may be reproductions. This information came to me from a known expert on German WWII flare pistols.



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