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M1 Garand - U.S.M.C. WWII Instructional Care & Cleaning Filmstrip


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Admittedly, this is slightly off topic for this M1 Carbine forum, but I'm posting it here as the best fit. (There are plenty of Garand forums, so I don't want to start another one, and I want this filmstrip hosted here at Machinegunboards.com)


You may have seen the previous WWII U.S.M.C. filmstrips that I posted for the Reising SMG, and the M1 Carbine. In the same acquisition, there are 2 M1 Garand filmstrips that have not been seen in many years, and give us a glimpse of the rifle in use by Marines, circa 1943. I think you will be interested to see what appears to be a steam cleaning apparatus in frames 39-41. Also, one of the individuals who previewed this filmstrip noticed that there is a U.S.M.C. marked parts brush used in frame 50 of the pdf file. I'm interested if anyone has one of the brushes, and it is certainly something to look for in the future.


Anyway, I welcome any comments you may have regarding this filmstrip, which is designated, "TFS-76, Care & Cleaning, U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1." I will try to post the other Garand filmstrip as soon as I can get it digitized. It covers firing pin replacement.


Here is the link:






David Albert


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