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Andy Ebbers

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Hi all. new guy here, first post, so I will include at least one stupid question! I am thrilled to report on my purchase of a really nice,clean, unmolested Beretta model 62 rifle. it is one of the Berben imports. I wasn't even aware of these until I stopped by a gunshop that I hardly ever go to, and there it was! after researching these rifles on the net, I have decided that I have indeed acquired a nice rifle! one magazine, as usual, but at least it holds 20 rounds & feeds them flawlessly. this was on consignment, and the asking price was $1,350. with transfer fees, background check & all it was $1,440 out the door with a nice new canvas case. I have sent 40 rounds through it so far, no trouble, seems very accurate, but I plan to set it to mechanical zero this weekend & sight it in properly. A local gunshop has a pretty good deal going on some surplus ammo. this rifle is Serial #002053. it has the original crummy little black recoil pad, thinking I will just get a nice slip-on pad to hide it for now at least. man, is this thing FUN to shoot!!!! here is my dumb question, can I just follow a Garand field manual for disassembly, or is there too much difference between the two? sure doesn't look like it, but I am not that bright and tend to take the safe route on something like this. second question, the surplus ammo. for sale locally is linked 7.62x51 from Pakistan, sold as non-corrosive, but I would treat it as corrosive anyways. any comments or anything regarding this ammo? maybe I should pass & try to find something better. anyways, hello all, sure glad that I found this excellent source of information on my new toy!!!!. Andy
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Welcome to the board, and congratulations on your new acquisition. The BM series of rifles is not my area of expertise, but I have fired a transferable full auto BM-59 that belongs to a friend of mine. I'm fairly sure a Garand manual would work for it, as BM series manuals are few and far between. Treating the Pakistani ammo as corrosive will be a good idea. We look forward to the pictures!


David Albert


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SARCO would be a good place to check for the magazines.

Congrats on your purchase! As you know by now the black rubber buttpad is the 1 weak spot on the BM62! I would refrain from modifying it, it will only destroy the value of such a nice and collectible rifle.

I would look for a used BM59 stock and buttpad to use for casual use/shooting and leave the 62 stock and pad as is.

The garand manuel would be fine to use,most of the parts are very similar or are the same.

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i guess im the new guy on the block,i was intrested in finding a scope and mount for my


bm-62 which i have for 20 years in my safe.i just started using it again.i saw one scope on a bm-62 on gun broker.com but could not get any info.

anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated.





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