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Early Lake Erie Chemical Company 1.5" - 37 Mm Gas Gun

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Very Early Lake Erie Chemical Company 1.5" - 37 MM Gas Gun. These launchers were manufactured for LECCO By The R.F. Sedgley Company Circa 1930 - 1933. Measurers 23 3/4" Overall with 10" Barrel. The barrel completely detaches from launcher for loading as shown in photo.


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LECCO 001.jpg

LECCO 002.jpg

LECCO 003.jpg



LECCO 1.jpg

LECCO 2.jpg

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Added 3 additional photos to The OP that will hopefully give a better visual idea of the barrel locking arrangement.


The Barrel and Receiver are both stepped and recessed to allow them to interlock and prevent foreword movement of the barrel when installed. Also a single recessed locking pin in the receiver face and two index steps in the barrel, prevents rotation when installed. The mentioned locking pin is manually user controlled by a lever on the left side of the receiver. The arrangement of same allows the barrel to be installed from either of two positions and a 90 degree "Twist Lock" Rotation, to allow for quick installation or removal.

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