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Remarking Of 1921/8 Overstamps

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Following on from the "Look at this" (Early Savage) topic.


If some early 1928 Savage's were remarked by military armourers with U.S. and A1 are there any recorded cases of 1921/8 overstamps being remarked in the same way. In other words were any Colt manufactured Thompsons restamped as US 1928A1?






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In answer to your question: Yes. On Page 108 of Tracie Hill's book on the Thompson, "Thompson: The American Legend, The First Submachine Gun," there is a picture of Colt Thompson NO 9263 with the added US and A1 markings. In addition, Rock Island Arsenal Museum has in inventory Colt Thompson NO 10444 that also has the added US and A1 markings. Both of these guns are Colt Model of 1928 Thompsons. Perhaps some of the other board members could provide a guestimate about how common these arsenal re-worked Colt Thompsons are in the marketplace. Do you have one or know of one for sale? It is definitely an interesting variation. If you have a picture, please post for everyone to see.

Welcome to the Board. Tom

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