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Extended Front Vertical Grip

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Top image is an extended vertical grip, bottom is normal length, and inset are the hangers. Took a kahr front hanger and cut and welded a chunk into the middle. That gave me an extra 1.5 inches to work with. Basically put that 1.5 inches at the end of the grip. With the position of the grip bolt, it wasn't possible to move the grip forward without having the bolt move to the thinnest and weakest part of the grip.

This was requested by one board member and I thought I'd show you all.


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Nice work, as always. I have your furniture on my gun.


I would like to see the comp moved back over the barrel (I think PK has done these) with this vertical grip. Might help balance the look even better!

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It doesn't quite look right with a streched vertical for grip. I don't doubt the workmanship is impecable, I've got one of Dan's extended horasontal forends and it makes my WH seem more into preportion. The extended vertical makes it seem more out of proportion; sort of like a gangaly teenager that hasn't filled out yet.


just my .02,


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