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Help A3 22 Cal Extractors

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If it were me, I'd call Sarco. They have more stuff lying around than they've gotten to. Talk to Dave. I think he's still there. He'll likely know if they have one! 908-647-3800 is phone. I've found E-mail to them takes too long to answer. Good luck!
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I need an extractor for my A3 also and have gone the route of asking Numrich and Sarco who didn't have them a month ago. Since the gun is out of production and most likely Numrich was the only holder of parts for the A3, I kind of doubt that we will find them in anyone's inventory. It might be a good thing for one of our machinegun/machinist friends monitoring this site to put into production! An email to PK elicited an offer of help with my gun's several ailments. So you could give him a try.


My A3 actually doesn't appear to really need an extractor as it will fire 5 or 6 shots, ejecting its brass in good fashion without an extractor. But even with the hotter Mini Mag ammo it will appear to short stroke every so often with the empty caught in the action in line with the barrel but apparently hasn't hit the ejector, and the next round in the mag not getting picked up either. Looks like the bolt spring is a little too stiff or too long, giving too much resistance to the recoiling bolt, not letting it reach its fully back position. Has anyone else had this experience? Another problem was that the magazine catch had just a tiny little nick in the edge of the magazine rib with which to hold the mag in position. Pushing up or down on the mag would slide it out of position. I was afraid that even though it fed fine that it would fall out of the gun and be lost or damaged. So I enlarged the notch with a moto tool. Now it holds better but it wont feed very well! The upshot is that I need to send it off to PK in Colorado for a tune-up.

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