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Did Anyone See My M3 Portable Riot Control Agent Disperser Article?

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Just wondering if anyone here saw the article I wrote on the M3 Portable Riot Control Agent Disperser? It's a Small Arms Review article that is featured on the online magazine site, SmallArmsoftheWorld.com. The basis for the article started in this forum, and I did some further research, and found some really great photos of the device being used in Panama in 1959 and 1964, and in Chicago in 1968 during the Democratic National Convention. My father was involved in the 1964 Panamanian incident, and I included some of my personal experiences of living in the Canal Zone of Panama from 1974 to 1977 in the article.


Here is the link: (You will only be able to read the entire article if you are a subscriber)




I received one e-mail of feedback regarding the article, from someone who used to fill and train with the devices. He provided some further information, and clarified a fill capacity error that came from the Technical Manual that I included in the story. Apparently they are not in use any longer, and most, if not all were destroyed as a result of the chemical weapons policies carried out in the late 1980's and 1990's.


Anyway, just wondering if anyone saw the article?


David Albert


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