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Wanted To Buy, Cadillac Eldorado

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Year 1973.


Must be pink, with real Zebra skin upholstery and fuzzy dingle balls hanging from the headliner.


needs to be lowered, and equipped with skinny tires and gold plated narrow rims that hang out the sides of the fenderwells. Chromeplated faux sewer pipes coming out the fenders wouldn't hurt either.


It would go perfect with that *special* TSMG up for auction at www.jcdevine.com....



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Ya know, Doug, for a second there, I visualized that Cadillac! That is pretty scary! Chrome plated Thompsons anyone?
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i would bid on it for around $5,000.00 a nice show stopper.heck my m.g.c.replica can do that..............


however i will not waste my time in the process,because some dim-wit will bid 10,000.00>because its a colt with a drum!!!!woooweee!!!momma...............



so i will just hold on to my cash and wait.........and wait for something i really want..............



and that is my ceiling for flashdance gun's.......take care,ron/colt21a

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