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Stembridge Guns On Tv 2/17

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Next Tuesday 2/17, on "American Shooter" (shown on the Outdoor Life Channel), there will be a program showcasing the Stembridge guns, the segment being called "Movie Magic". On the same show the M3 Grease Gun will be profiled.
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Did anyone else see this? I taped it last night and watched it today.


According to the show, they have 67 Thompsons in their inventory.


They showed what I think were shelves upon shelves of M1 Garands piled

on top of one another. Also some nice Lewis guns, M2 Brownings and tons

of other guns. Trouble is they treat the rifles like crap.


The good news is the Thompsons were in a safe all nice and secure.

Some were in vertical racks, while others were just set in horizontally

about 5 to a shelf. They said that "We have 67 Thompson of very different ages."



Arthur F. , are you sitting down? Good.



They showed what they called a "1921" that they had reblued for "Dick Tracy".

The director wanted "pristine guns" for that comic strip look. Oh, and the rebluing

was done by "Auto-Ordnance". By Kahr... It also looked like it had the slab

sided Kahr front grip as well. They used 25 Thompsons on Dick Tracy. The show

was filmed before they started filming "Armageddon". 1998?




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Did it talk about the mini gun in Armageddon? A guy I met in Phoenix has that stuff now. He also built that mini gun. Should of seen the look on a dealers face when he bought 2 feed trays for a 20mm mini. Guy asked what he was going to do with these? Mike told him he had a 20mm mini. Guy says "you've got a mini?!" Mike said, "No, I really have 2. And 1 30mm. Got any feed trays for that?"
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The name of the guy whos name sounds somewhat similar to the sounds you are thus uttering (Quote: Peter Cook and Dudly Moore) and, is in fact

Mr Michael Papac whom you met at the SAR show and if you recall transported in your car to the Motel 6 about enough Mini gun parts in your boot (truck) that it took three Russian women and an Elephant to lift them out of the trunk.

Mike Papac is a really great guy and a very keen Thompson gentleman.

How ever, the bad news is that the number of Thompsons still owned by Stembridge is no where as many as before, but Mike certainly has some nice ones. I know, I went to Stembridge Studios with GH after we drove back to LA and they poured me onto Air New Zealand Bus., Class.


PS> If it had not been for those same Stembridge Thompsons every movie, you would have never beaten Capone, Dillinger,etc or won WW1 and Korea!!!!and Elliot Ness would have never been a house hold name.

and by the way, was not that huge gesture by Gordon to Robert Stack a few months before Robert Stack died just some thing amazing.

Kind regards,

see you at Fairfax.

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Papac. That's right. I don't think the Sherpa's back's will ever be right after hauling all those minigun goods! I've talked to Mike a couple times since being back. Lot's of information. AAHH, and I remember the Ruskie women. It's a good thing we had 2 cars, or Merle would have been riding back on the hood! See you in Virginia!
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Huh, I replied last night, but it's MIA..


Anyway, the 20mm gatling was made from a "Phalanx" system which

had been demilled by the Navy then sold. The program stated that

since Stembridge had a "Class 10" liscence they could reassemble it.


They had parts for two of them and were still in the process of making

the first during filming. They were going to use blank 50cal rounds in the 20mm

casings to simulate firing. The second was just parts, while the first was shown

turning (barrels rotating).


The "1921" they showed look real bad. The bluing was just "too good". It

almost looked like they painted it dark navy blue.



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