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Ermco Bar "Full Auto" Magazine Article

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I was lucky enough to get a really nice ERMCO BAR recently. It's tough to find a lot of info on these. There is a short description in the book -Between Rock and Hard Place. I've been told there was a complete article done on them in the 1985 "Full Auto" magazine. Does anyone have or know where a copy could be found?....................scott
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Here are photocopies of the original Full Auto magazine 3 page article. Also included copy of an original 1983 ad showing initial price. Sounds like the ERMCO was made to the highest quality possible.

full auto.gif

full auto magazine.jpg

full auto magazine1.jpg

full auto magazine2 (2).jpg

full auto magazine3.jpg

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Sounds like a well made gun,,,the 1986 ban really put the kibosh on us. Let's hope

this time around we fair better and not get thrown under the bus.


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