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Browning ANM2 22RF conversion bolt question

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Hi Everyone,


I've been putting together a 22 conversion kit for the ANM2 30 cal. and the 22RF bolt is giving me some problems. It seems that the bushing that the firing pin goes through is a bit proud of the surface to the point that cartridges do not slide through the bolt. I suspect that this should be flush with the surface and will "adjust" it that way on the mill unless someone tells me otherwise. I'd hate to make a mess of 70 year old parts.


Any thoughts? I've included a picture of the bolt face.





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I'm sure you already have by now...but have you contacted Tom Heim over at beltfedplus.com? He is the man with these .22lr conversions and I just purchased the last parts needed from him to complete my .22lr conversion for the 1919a4. I would check with him soon as he has a couple of the ANM2 bolts still and is thinking about selling one or more.

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I'll have to give Tom a shout. I need to bother him about some parts I ordered awhile back anyway.


(Gee, why didn't I think of that?)


Still learning,



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