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so the urge to sbr the '27 has reached a head.


so i *think* i just ordered a few of the correct forms from the ATF.


question 1

where do i get finger print cards? i did'nt see them listed on the atf web site.

did i just not look hard enough?


question 2

same as above but about the proof of citizenship papers?


SKIP AHEAD in time

let's say all the paper work is ALL taken care AND i have recieved the go ahead to do the SBR.


is there a time frame or an experation date on the paper work, in other words would i have a limited time frame to actually have the short barrel put on the gun?




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You can download the Form 5330.20 (Certificate of Compliance) at www.titleii.com as well as most other BATF forms. For your fingerprint, contact the BATF and ask tehm to send you several sets. (Of course, if you know a title II dealer he ought to have few laying around that he could give you.) As to a time frame, AFAIK there isn't one. Once the BATF approves your Form 1 they enter the pertinent info into the NFRTR and that's it, nothing else...you're not required to notify them once you've completed your project.
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Intrestingly enough I was just searching through the pile of garbage on my desk and found something. It appears to be 2 FBI fingerprint cards and a form saying "Form Appproved: OMB No. 1512-0024 (8/31/83)" in the top right corner. I know it is meaningless but it is kinda odd seeing how I don't remember ever getting anything of the sort, ever...
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Just to add to what Bill is saying, once its in the registry as a SBR,even if you never install the short barrel on it, its still registered as a short barrelled rifle and any subsequent sale, disposal or transfer is subject to the NFA. FYI to CYA.
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