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Wtk: Old Drum Mtx 101

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Hi guys,

I found one of the old drums and want to clean and lube it thoroughly. Is it advisable to disassembly the rotor and shaft from the drum body? If so, how do you go about it? The drum was left loaded for a long period and you can see where the brass shell heads discolored the bottom of the feed rails. Should this be addressed as well? The bottom of the rails are devoid of finish from use. The drum will only be used as a display, but it works just fine.



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Hi, you can take the Rotor out by removing the Clip on the back cover. Be careful as not to scratch it though. You mentioned that there was some colour loss due to the bullets resting in their tracks. Not much you can do about that, unless you intend to have it refinished sometime down the road. I think PK from this board still sells Drum Greasers, but I'm not sure. I hear they work great. If you want to lube your Drum, there they only way too go.
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