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Johnson LMGs from Winchester/Cody Collection

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A number of years ago the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum auctioned off a number of "modern" weapons -- those not fitting in with the "western" theme of the collection. These weapons were from the Winchester collection. I believe that a number of class III weapons were purchased by R.J. Perry, notably a number of Johnson l.m.g.s including some very rare models -- the M1945, possibly the "T" series of belt-fed Johnson machine guns, etc. These were offered in a R.J. Perry catalog. I've been trying to find this catalog -- or someone willing to copy for me the pages that have the Johnsons for sale. Does anyone have this catalog and would they be willing to copy it for me? I can't afford a great deal, but will compensate for the copying and mailing costs. (or better yet, scan it -- maybe post it here. . .) Note, that R.J. Perry was offering these guns is to the best of my recollection -- might have been another Class III dealer.

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