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Michigan State Police Colt Tsmg's

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I own a Colt Thompson formerly with the Michigan State Police s/n 8061.

In the process of doing research on the provenance of this and any other MSP Colt TSMG I can find information on.

I would like to speak with anyone who owns or has knowledge of Michigan State Police Colt Thompsons.

I have had some discussion with another board member Greg Fox on Michigan State Prison Colt Thompsons that has proved useful.

If you know of someone that may have information I would appreciate any information you could share.

thanks in advance.


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If you find anything out about Mich guns - please let me know!

I live in Howell. I checked with the County Sherriff, he laughed when I asked him if they still had any (or ever had any) Thompsons. Guess that means they know what they are worth, and /or they are going in his safe!


I have not a clue where to start looking for the guns the MSP has/had. Please share any info you can!


Mike Wank


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Still looking for any current caretakers of former Michigan State Police Colt Thompson's to assist with my research on same.

I am caretaker of #8061.


These are the serial #'s we are aware of through Gordon's 5th edition.

1723, 1766, 6007, 7490, 8061, 8601, 8639, 8799, 8812, 8831, 9253, 9726


There is a bit of information that 1723, 7490 and 8831 where for sale at one time so must have been transferred out by that logic.

1723 was apparently offered for sale in Shotgun News 3/94, who purchased we do not know.

7490 (in 1987) and 8831 (?)were apparently offered by Law Enforcement Ordnance, but who acquired we do not know.





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I am going to bring this thread back to the top. Anyone that knows anything about the location of the former Michigan State Police Thompson's should contact SIG. He has found some interesting information that I am sure all current owners of these guns would be interested in.



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Did you ever find out how many MSP actually had? It seems like I remember being told there were about 40 total. I still have some serial number info on a few of them from hardware store purchase orders out of Lansing. I think I sent that to you. If not not, let me know.


Greg Fox

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Well, I ran into what I thought was a great lead on these this weekend. But no dice. Yet.

I was at a gun show and a guy started talking about a blonde garand I had, saying he had one a while ago. Then my Mom introduced him to me..... he was a MSP narc about 40 years ago, used to come over and reload with my Dad. I vaguely remember that.

I asked him about the Thompsons at MSP. He remembers they had them, but couldn't provide me any contact info. I will try to get hold of him again, he joined Mom's gun club. Hopefully more to come, but I doubt it!

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