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Two Quick Questions

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Question 1 : Hopefully, I will get my sbr Thompson completed early next week. Looking in the FAQ, and having remembered reading about it in much earlier threads, the issue of engraving my name and address on the rifle. I know that I have to do it, and the depths according to the FAQ. What I was wondering, to those who have done this already, where is a good place on the receiver to have this done. I was hoping for some suggestions as to keep it unnoticable, but still where it needs to be. I have access to a laser engraver at work that will do this, so this is not a problem.


Question 2 : With all of us hoping the idiotic AWB will sunset when it is supposed to, will the regulations on building a semi - automatic rifle, legaly, out of some of the kits available today decease. Example, if I were to build a CAR 15 now I cannot use a pre ban upper on a post ban receiver. Will this change? I was just curious.





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