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Reproduction/Fake Firearm Forum Added 9/10/15

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I'm adding this forum because as most folks on the Thompson board are aware, I have a passion for documenting reproduction Thompson accessories, and for driving the appropriate marking of such items. My 2010 lecture on the subject is available on the Thompson board, and I will also add it to this forum. The lecture presentation also contains examples of other firearm genre reproduction items, and mentions the effect that fake items can have on the overall trust factor, and sustainability of different firearm collecting groups.


I recently became aware of the extent that reproduction firearms have infiltrated M1911/M1911A1 pistol collecting circles, and i have a significant concern. I would like to use this website to provide a place where this subject can be further explored.


I will say that the CMP Forum recently added a "Real or Repro" sub-forum, and some may think we don't need more than one place to discuss this subject. The difference here is that I like to document things, distribute them, and otherwise try to preserve and consolidate data for the future on this subject, so that it can be easily referenced. We have many experts on these boards that I believe can make the new forum worthwhile, and the demeanor on this board is also quite different than at CMP.


Please let me know your thoughts, and feel free to post your items here that you may have questions about, or for which you want to raise awareness. Please keep in mind that I don't always take things at face value, and may challenge some assertions until I'm convinced any item has been fully vetted as reproduction. A lot of repro items are obvious, and some are much more subtle and sinister...




David Albert


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David, I am all in, as not everyone including me belongs to every rat-hole on the internet. This issue is a significant concern and for those who do not have interest, they can simply not look at that Forum. Please add this REPRO and FAKE to MCG Boards as this issue is of signifiant concern because we are all at risk. I just "bought" a couple of TSMG Tins from Doug Richardson, (because they were his repros), and he lamented that the guy who owns it after me may market it as an original... We need superb reference points so others do not get suckered in. I will say what I have is original or Repro, but the next gent may not...


TRUST but VERIFY. I think it has a place here on this Board.


Thanks for all you do.

Semper Fi,


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This is a need forum. While not every conceivable firearm or accessory can be addressed, I think it will be a helpful place as there are so many readers with a great deal of expertise and are willing to guide others. Fakes and repros are nothing new, but there are a lot of new "consumers" who don't remember the "fake" craze of the '60s and into the '70s with "cowboy guns" and -- particularly -- Lugers. Having said that, I DO have a very rare pistol once carried by John Wilkes Booth. . .it is an experimental "semi-auto" firing paper-wrapped bullets/gunpowder/ with the primer at the base of the paper. No ejection problems because there is no "case". Magazine -- fairly crude -- holds five rounds of this very rare ammo. This is available -- with five rounds of the ammo -- at a VERY reasonable price. Cash only, preferably small bills. LOL

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As a professional appraiser this is a ongoing and IMO a growing concern. Fortunately we know a lot more today than we did in years gone by and some of the early attempts at fakery are pretty apparent. However the fakers have gotten more sophisticated over the years as well and we must all remain contently vigilant.

The Internet and forums such as this one remain the best tools we have available to expose fakery. I hope the area get the appropriate attention it deserves.


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