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As of 10/2/15, Biggerhammer.net Detonics Forum discussion will continue at its new location on Machinegunboards.com.


If you would like to reference the old discussion board, it is archived at the following link:




The overall Detonics reference site at Biggerhammer.net can be accessed here:






David Albert


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They are awesome, reduced size M1911's from the 1970's and '80's. I don't own one myself, but Andy has several. He is known for convincing me to part with my money for guns, and I'm certain he could do the same for you. As he said many times to me, "You know you want it!..."



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As David said, Detonics was a company out of Seattle, WA that produced production custom 1911s in the 70's and 80's.... They were one of the first to come out with a cone barrel, sub-compact 1911, with custom features - think Kimber and Wilson custom compact 1911s, but 30yrs before they got into it.. By todays standards they might not be as refined, they are still however pretty damn good.




Crocket from Miami Vice carried one for a while, so "You know you want it".

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Instead of a retirement rebuild I sold my rusty jeep with extra parts. With some of the proceeds I bought a New Colt Agent and a Detonics s/s and a couple of Detonics mags. Without a doubt the most pleasant shooting .45 auto that I own.


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I have a fairly large Detonics collection including MKVIIs in all three available calibers; 9MM, 38 Super, and .45.

Don't think they made one in .451.


I do have a couple of normal .451s too.


The neat thing about them are the quality and being the first cut down .45.


Got a couple from Z3BigDaddy (Blaine) here on this board.


You can get an original Combatmaster for less than the current fad guns like a Wilson or Jesse James.

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