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HAC-7 Biggerhammer Links


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My brother Andy bought a HAC-7 in the late 1990's, and I started saving up for one back in 1984, as a Freshman in college. I lost patience back then, and ended up buying something a little cheaper and different than originally intended, but I remained fascinated with the design of the HAC-7, and how it came about. There seems to be continued interest in the rifle, evidenced by posts in the forum on Biggerhammer.net over the years.


As of 10/2/15, Biggerhammer.net HAC-7 Forum discussion will continue at its new location here on Machinegunboards.com.

If you would like to reference the old discussion board, it is archived at the following link:


The overall .HAC-7 reference site at Biggerhammer.net can be accessed here:



David Albert


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