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Vertical Foregrip Screw

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While awaiting arrival of my 28 WH, which came only with a horizontal foregrip, I found a good deal on a vertical foregrip and screw for Westies -- it was grooved for a 3/4" grip mount. However, when my gun arrived, I discovered that it was one of the early Westies, and it had a 1/2" mount. I sold the foregrip, screw and all, on eBay, and Dan Block made me a beautiful foregrip with a 1/2" groove. I thought I had another screw, but after I realized I didn't, I ordered a couple for Keystone.


The Keystone screws arrived the other day, and they're not long enough -- at least with Dan's grip, which is an exact duplicate of the 21 grip. The screws are same length as the screws for the rear pistol grip. Just measuring the shank, or whatever you call the long part that's not the head, the screws are 4-7/16". The threaded end is flat; the screw that I foolishly sold is pointed or cone-shaped on the end. Called Keystone, and the owner, Joe said that 4-7/16" is the correct length for the vertical foregrip screw. When I mentioned that the screws that came on my WH 28 rear grip and my IMA 28 parts kit rear grip were that same length, he said they had probably been switched out at some point. Sounds like B.S. to me. Would anybody be willing to look at their foregrip screws for me? Thanks.

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Gunner, you should be able to get a correct length bolt from either Kahr or Numrich. I have both and they are very similar, the Kahr bolt does seem just a little thicker. I had one from sarco a while back also. On the old board, we had a pretty good discussion on bolt length.


Anyway, my numrich bolts are as follows...

Rear grip bolts I use are 4.4 inches from tip of threads to the base of the head.

Front grip bolt is 4.53 inches.


On the couple colt front grips I handled, the bolt stuck quite a ways through the hanger. I try to make the grip hole long enough that the bolt just barely clears the hanger.


Glad you liked the grip.


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