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WWII field repaint dunkelgelb MG34 Tripod. Worth the price?


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I've managed to collect everything for my C&R transferable MG42 in dunkelgelb. Tripod, sight, and accessories. I'm thinking of doing the same for my pre may sample MG34, but I know dunkelgelb is impossible to find for the 34 tripod, and I have always had zero interest in modern refurbished and repainted parts. I found this one that looks to be a perfect example of an original field repaint in dunkelgelb, however the seller wants $4800 for it. Is that fair? It's twice what I paid for the MG42 dunkelgelb tripod with similar wear, but that one was also a factory paint job and I'm very happy with it. Since this is a 34 unit which is rarer to find in this color even field repainted, do the experts here think this is a fair price? Everything functions perfect I am told. Thanks for your help!



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I sold my exc condition MG34 tripod in 2012 for $5k. The price for this one does not seem out of line considering it is 100% correct and not jacked with.


Does it include the straps? What is the original color under the gelb?


Interesting fact: the Lafette tripod cost more for the Wehrmacht back in the day than the MG34 itself!



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