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Seymour Drum

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This saturday I'm going to purchase a Seymour drum magazine in a gun shop here in Brussels. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I idn't saw the drum yet but shop owner told me it is in good working conditioning , no rust etc.

He is asking $700 for the piece.

Do ya'll think this is a good price for a Seymour drum ?

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$700 would be an OK price in the US, depending on condition. Sincethe US can not import such items anymore prices will or should remain high.

I would doubt that the rest of the world commands the same prices, as the rest of the world has no such restrictions.

So I think in Brussels that sounds high. I would ask Murray a memeber of this board (send him an email) what he thinks. He is in New Zealand and might have better input.

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The going price in this part of Europe (Norway) would be about $ 500 - 600. There aren't too many of them here either, although they can still be bought new from Numrich/GPC for approx. $ 175 +additional export fees and all the paperwork.



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